Month: November 2020

The Witcher is filming a fight sequence with Blaviken stunt choreographer Wolfgang Stegemann

Perhaps the most well-received scene in The Witcher‘s first season was the fight at the Blaviken marketplace, where Henry Cavill’s Geralt confronted Renfri and her band of outlaws. Considered the show’s best fight scene to date, and perhaps one of television’s best fight scenes, the Blaviken sequence was choreographed by Mission Impossible‘s stunt master Wolfgang

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More details of yesterday’s Witcher night shoot with Henry Cavill, Royce Pierreson and more

On Tuesday night, The Witcher‘s cast and crew gathered on the beach of Frensham Little Pond to film a scene led by Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia. Yesterday, we were handed quite a few pictures from the set by our local source (including pictures of Tom Canton’s King Filavandrel preparing for filming). Now, we have

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Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan have filmed a dramatic scene for The Witcher season two

Yesterday, photographers grabbed several pictures of Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Royce Pierresen’s Istredd filming The Witcher season two in Frensham, England. Today, we have details of a new scene filmed in the same location with the show’s leading female stars: Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, our Yennefer and Ciri. Cavill, who we previously believed to

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In Photos: Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Royce Pierreson’s Istredd on The Witcher set for what could be A Shard of Ice

Earlier today we reported that The Witcher is filming a big scene at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey. Now thanks to The Daily Mail and Goff Photos we know for a certainty that superstar Henry Cavill was there to film a scene alongside Royce Pierreson who plays the sorcerer Istredd. Take a look at the

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UPDATED: The Witcher filming at Frensham Little Pond with Henry Cavill, elves, Nilfgaardians and possibly more

After a brief Covid-break Netflix’s The Witcher is back in full force filming for what looks like a massive scene at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey. As we previously reported, preparations for a scene involving a convey of wagons have been underway for some time. Now it looks like, today is the day (or rather

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