Our collection of Q&As with The Witcher’s cast and crew.

About the ‘Polish spirit‘: “I think the most important is the bittersweet tone, the unique mix of drama, and dark humor. I’m really, really happy Lauren was able to hit this note so precisely. There are, of course, some more direct references to Slavic culture, monsters, etc. but for me, the tone was certainly the most interesting.”

About Henry Cavill: “He was an incredible help in moments where I felt a little lost about the standing of elves in specific situations. You see, he really knows what’s going on and why. It was second nature to him and that made it all feel like a very enriching experience to a young actor like me.”

About his character: “In the books he’s still a fierce warrior, but he’s younger, feistier and has more to learn. I think what’s nice is being able to see how Crach became the Sea Boar everyone knows and loves. Crach is short-tempered, confident, knows the art of war and eats and drinks till he hits the floor.”

About director Alex Garcia Lopez: “Alex Garcia Lopez is a legend! I like his working style. He’s very open for action to change organically, he has a mercurial style which appeals to me. I also found him to be a gentleman who never had to raise his voice to get his point across. I’m a big fan.”