EXCLUSIVE: Henry Cavill rides a new horse for The Witcher


Only a few days ago we were able to witness Henry Cavill on the set of Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2, strolling along the path of Frensham Little Pond with his witcher weapons on his back and Royce Pierreson (Istredd). Now we can share another, a little more exciting scene that was filmed there yesterday.

In the new photos captured by Burst Photos/LVT Media we see Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia charging towards someone or something with his sword unsheathed and on a new black horse. New Roach? Did something happen to the old one?

The photographers were also kind enough to share what they saw over the last few days at the set so spoilers ahead!

Below is the full gallery of photos of Henry Cavill in yesterday’s shoot

The the scenes were likely filmed out of order and the info we were told has little context, so we’ll share it as bullet points:

  • Geralt was presumably charging at Nilfgaardians who were attacking Yennefer
  • A scene of a killing or a massacre was filmed. Nilfgaardians were presumably killing ordinary villagers
  • More scene involving Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer and Freya Allan’s Ciri for the same massive sequence
  • Scenes in an elven camp involving Tom Canton (Filavandrel), Mecia Simson (Francesca), Kaine Zajaz (Gage) and Wilson Radjou-Pujalte (Dara).

Why is Geralt riding a new horse instead of Roach? We hope it’s not related to a scene filmed in October where Roach was covered in blood.

Lots of exciting news coming out from locations filming and we’re excited to share more as locations shoots will continue.

10 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Henry Cavill rides a new horse for The Witcher”

  1. Cool! Thanks for the updated! The new armor in action looks epic. Can’t wait to see how all these scenes fit together this season. If I recall correctly Blood of Elves – minus the attact of the Elves to the caravan and Geralt fighting the Michelets brothers – didn’t have much action, at least epic scale action. But I love these added scenes so far. Anything to get some Geralt in fighting mood.

  2. Wasn’t another scene were supposedly Yen and Ciri were riding Roach? Maybe he gave Roach to them to run away and took a random horse from a dead soldier to stroll them while Yen and Ciri are making their escape.

  3. The armor looks great in real life. I’m not so sure about the wig though. Idk what it is, maybe the fact that it cover his ears? Maybe it will look better in post production and in actual scenes. I loved Geralt’s wig the best in Rate Species and in the opening and final episodes of s1. Happy thanks giving to everyone. And thank you RI for all the beautiful photos and information of the last few days.

  4. In the books Geralt has a lot of horses over time, they’re always mares and they are always named Roach so I assume this might just be a new Roach

  5. He looks fantastict! I can’t wait to see Geralt in an epic battle scene with horses and Nilfgaardians, he will kill it!!!!

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