The Witcher films with Henry Cavill at Bourne Woods


Filming of Henry Cavill’s fantasy series, The Witcher, has taken place in the hills, forests, and ponds of Surrey over the past week. Thanks to some onlookers and photographers, we got to enjoy pictures of Geralt riding a new horse during filming and a dramatic scene involving Yennefer and Ciri which may belong to the second season’s final episode. Today, we have details of a new scene filmed at Bourne Woods on Friday, once again featuring Cavill’s Geralt.

Update: Director Stephen Surjik posts from Bourne Wood and new pictures of the wintery set

The last we heard of Umbrella Academy director Stephen Surjik, who will helm the first two episodes of The Witcher‘s second season, he had celebrated the completion of his episodes. It appears, however, that Surjik wasn’t completely finished with his work on The Witcher, as he was the director behind the cameras at Bourne Woods this Friday. In the above post, Surjik seems to be celebrating with the crew on location.

Surjik has already filmed scenes for the first two episodes of the season at Bourne Woods back in February (one of which involved the aftermath of the Battle of Sodden and another involving Geralt), so his return to this exact location may indicate some reshoots are in order. It’s also possible he has been given another episode to direct following director Geeta Patel’s exit from episodes six and seven (we know she was replaced by Louise Hooper for at least one of her episodes).

With filming on pause throughout the weekend, onlookers were able to grab pictures of the location. The above images come courtesy of Amanda Jennifer Baron and Rosie Gunn on Instagram. Read the original article for details of the scene filmed (spoilers included).

Original Article: Henry Cavill’s Geralt seen at Bourne Woods

Smoke at Bourne Woods, via Sally Hoque on Instagram

The tip comes from our reader Harry, who was lucky enough to see Henry Cavill in costume. According to Harry and other onlookers who passed by the set, an entire section of the forest was decorated with fake snow and smoke effects. If you wish to avoid SPOILERS for the second season, avoid the next few paragraphs.

According to Harry, filming took place on the forest floor, where Geralt was apparently being held captive and tied to a tree. Though our source has not seen other actors on location, it’s likely that Geralt’s captors (whoever they may be) were also there for this shoot. Our source also believes that the original Roach, the brown horse Zeus, was on location, indicating that this scene will happen before Geralt gets a new horse.

A night shoot at Bourne Wood, Image via Brent Palmer on Instagram

Netflix have tightened up security in light of the week’s leaks and pictures, so the local onlookers were not able to grab pictures of the set. They do insist, however, that the crew has done an amazing job with the fake snow and we’ll have to take their word for it.

This has been an interesting week for Witcher news. We don’t know yet if location filming will continue into next week or if the cast and crew will return to Arborfield Studios, where filming is held in utmost secrecy. In case you’ve missed yesterday’s news, we have found the actress who will portray the badass Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia.

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18 comments on “The Witcher films with Henry Cavill at Bourne Woods”

  1. Geralt captured & tied to a tree? By whom? The Nilfgaardians searching for Ciri? Scoiat’ael? Mages? Regardless, It will be hot to see! Keep the info coming RI, I love what I’m reading so far.

    1. Lauren Hissrich: “The series is about the family of Geralt, Ciri and Yen. That’s the most important part of the series for me “. In s1 she introduced the three individuals, in s2 she should start bringing them together and make them the inseparable family they are. Let’s hope she’s up for the task.

      1. I’m happy she said that. S1 was the most difficult season to shoot because she had to introduce the three main protagonists in their own timeline, independently from e/o and that had its advantages and disadvantages (no meeting of Geralt and Ciri in Brokilon for once) but now that they are all together in the same time, all she has to do is invest in their relationships more. The books did an exceptional job, I hope she gets some hints from them.

      2. Nice but can she do that on screen? The actors are brilliant and their chemistry is phenomenal. Henry and Anya can bring to life the romance and banter from the books so effortlessly and if she invest more in their story instead on the side characters we would get on of the best love stories in fantasy. Same with the father/daughter duo of Geralt and Ciri and the mother/daughter relationship between Yen and Ciri. I loved season 1 but I expected more. I hope she learned from her mistakes and omissions.

    2. That’s my feeling too. That was the one thing that was missing from season one. They need to bring them together and to show their love and bond, In the books you can do that through the thoughts of the characters, the descriptions etc but in the TV show they need to do that through the action. Let’s hope we;ll see that family coming together.

  2. What if Yen is tricked to betray Geralt and then she’s trying to save Ciri? Or what if this scene is early in the series and Geralt finds out from his captors that Yen is alive? So many questions. I’m reading BOE right now and I can’t make sense of any of it. But I agree with a comment above. It seems we are getting a lot of Gerat. Yen and Ciri and I’m happy with it! Our witcher family is starting to form!

  3. Do we know if the shooting will continue in the new year/February as it was originally planned? Some say they were shooting the season finale? But I suppose they shoot out of order?

  4. Geralt being captive? Fighting on a horse? Killing Nilfgaardians who chase Yen and Ciri? Confronting someone who has information on Ciri? Slaying monsters? Being a dad? That’s what I’m living for. Prayers that your spoilers are true 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Is Geralt’s scene from the earlier episodes? That puts things into another perspective. Where’s Ciri at the time and what if his captors are not the Nilfgaardians or the elves but another group, unrelated with the main story and that is why other actors were not seen. What if they want him to kill a monster? Love all the speculations, keep the info coming!

  6. Eso es lo interesante en las filmaciones . Que en los diferentes episodios y/o escenas no se filtre nada .
    Mas que 2 ó 3 fotografias .

    Crea mucho más interes te fabulas y entusiasma creandote o imaginandote lo que podria pasar

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