More details of yesterday’s Witcher night shoot with Henry Cavill, Royce Pierreson and more


On Tuesday night, The Witcher‘s cast and crew gathered on the beach of Frensham Little Pond to film a scene led by Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia. Yesterday, we were handed quite a few pictures from the set by our local source (including pictures of Tom Canton’s King Filavandrel preparing for filming). Now, we have a few more details regarding the cast involved in the scene and what may have transpired thanks to a second local, who also provided us two new pictures.

Before we share Chloe’s brief description of the scene, we’re going to recap the cast members that were on set for filming. Besides Cavill’s Geralt and Canton’s Filavandrel, Royce Pierreson’s Istredd was also seen on location. Later, two more cast members shared stories on their Instagram page, suggesting that they were on set: Mecia Simson’s Francesca and Kaine Zajaz’s Gage (Francesca’s brother in the show). Wilson Radjou-Pujalte’s Dara may also have been involved.

These actors were joined by extras dressed as elves and many horses. Filming took place at the beach, where the Netflix crew had built a campfire and several tents. Props were also brought to the location, including vases and trunks.

When filming began on Tuesday night, our source spotted Geralt having a scuffle with another character near the campfire. The second character was described as dark haired and with a deep voice, so it could be Istredd or Gage (or someone else). Apparently, the second character had “information about Ciri of Cintra”. This scene may be related to another one shot nearby, focusing on Istredd and Geralt and photographed in high quality.

As security was rather strict during filming, we don’t have new pictures of the cast. Here are some photos taken by Sara Talib before filming began.

In case you’ve missed our earlier report, we have a rather spoiler-y description of a scene featuring Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer and Freya Allan’s Ciri.

2 comments on “More details of yesterday’s Witcher night shoot with Henry Cavill, Royce Pierreson and more”

  1. Is Istredd working with Nilfgaard or they use him like a fool, like Stregobor and co? He sure seemed sympathetic of them at the end of s1 and he still seemed to value and follow Stregobor.

    1. I like your theory better but I’m afraid they use him unknownly to him to get Yennefer and Ciri and then he’ll redeem himself by helping Geralt saving them 🤮. God’s, I hope I’m wrong. I never liked him, especially since he thought he did a favor to Yennefer suggesting she’ll be his wife while he pursue his interests after he screwed up her chance to get to the kingdom she was promised. He showed he doesn’t knows her at all if he though a life as his housewife would make up for that. “You are mad you lost your chance to be beautiful”. What an ass! I hope it’s the last we see him.

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