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Amazon’s Wheel of Time casts a Trolloc and a Whitecloak; production wrap date revealed along with an episode count

Amazon’s adaption of the Robert Jordan-penned fantasy epic Wheel of Time has entered production this September, with Rosamund Pike leading a robust ensemble cast. Though most of the actors behind the series’ key characters have already been revealed (at least with regards to the first season), we have recently uncovered several new additions. Production is

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Four audition tapes for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings revealed; Markella Kavenagh likely to play an elf

Amazon’s extremely ambitious Lord of the Rings series has been casting for a while now and we have four of its audition videos with transcriptions to share with you. First things first, these dialogues may not appear in the actual show. It is a common practice for production teams to write “fake” dialogues designed to

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