The Witcher filming night shoots at Frensham Little Pond

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As filming of The Witcher‘s second season continues at Frensham Little Pond, our local source Sara Talib has provided us more pictures and details from the set. Filming will take place at night near one of the pond’s beaches, where the crew has constructed a campsite and several makeshift tents.

Talib has seen Royce Pierreson who plays Istredd (and was last seen filming with Henry Cavill’s Geralt yesterday), and may have spotted Tom Canton (King Filavandrel) and Wilson Radjou-Pultaje (Dara) as well (see the pictures below). It’s quite likely Henry Cavill is involved as well, though we have not confirmed this yet.

We’re curious to see what Istredd is doing with these elves (whether they are the suggested characters or not), especially if he will be accompanied by Geralt as he was yesterday. Besides these cast members, the crew has also brought a large number of horses to the location.

Horses on location at Frensham Pond

More Pictures from Sara Talib

It has been an exciting few days for Witcher fans, as all three of the show’s main characters have been spotted on set. In case you’ve missed our earlier report, we have details of an intriguing scene involving Yennefer and Ciri, including a transcript of some of the dialogue.

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