Month: November 2020

New Pictures: The Witcher’s mages convene in the ruins of Fountains Abbey

Netflix have recently settled in the ruins of Fountains Abbey to film the next season of The Witcher, with star Anya Chalotra seen on location as Yennefer. A few days ago, local photographer Peter Lau shared pictures of the cast prepping for nightshoots at the Abbey, and now he has graciously provided us with his

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UPDATED: New photos from The Witcher set show Yennefer, Tissaia, Vilgefortz, Stregobor, Cahir and more

Filming for the second season of The Witcher is still ongoing within the medieval ruins of Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire and thanks to an avid local photographer we have a big late-night surprise! The following pictures were taken by Peter Lau and show several of the show’s most prominent mages walking alongside each other in

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