UPDATED: The Witcher filming at Frensham Little Pond with Henry Cavill, elves, Nilfgaardians and possibly more


After a brief Covid-break Netflix’s The Witcher is back in full force filming for what looks like a massive scene at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey. As we previously reported, preparations for a scene involving a convey of wagons have been underway for some time. Now it looks like, today is the day (or rather one of several days).

Thanks to our local source Sarah Talib who has been invaluable in gathering information and set pictures, we know a bit more about what is going on there. Once again, Sarah has provided us with a ton of new material to analyze.

UPDATE: Close-ups of the extras and farm animals at the pond

There’s more! Thanks to Sarah Talib, we have some new pictures to show you, providing a better look at the scene filmed at Frensham Little Pond this morning. Nilfgaardians, elves, cows and goats in full glory below:

Early witchering hours

Let’s start with the big news: Henry Cavill himself was there at the pond, just as the first rays of sun light began to trickle through the trees. As you can see below, the Geralt-star was in a wodded area surrounded by crew wearing face-masks.

Jaskier and Yennefer taking a trip to the countryside?

Here’s an intriguing bit: A video showing a rural scene, with farm animals (we can see cows and goats but Sarah also mentioned chickens) and wagons. Right at the beginning, two figures are standing on the road, and then start walking past a wagon. Who are they and what are they doing there?

Our source mentioned that she believes the person to the right is none other than Joey Batey‘s Jaskier, though we could also see him being Royce Pierreson‘s Istredd, based on the picture below. The person to the left seems to wear a long dark dress and high black boots, reminiscent of Anya Chalotra’s attire seen on some of the recently leaked pictures from Fountain’s Abbey. Obviously, the picture is too blurry to say for sure, so we’ll leave this for you to speculate. Tell us what you think in the comments below or on twitter.

A rural scene in the making

Filming now concentrates on the wooded hilly areas close to the pond, where the crew had previously set up several wagons. In the videos and pictures below, we can see said wagons being rolled on a dusty road. Curiously enough, the scene also involves a herd of goats grazing nearby.

Elves spell trouble

That isn’t all however, as Sarah also spotted several elves. One of them stands out in particular, due to a luxurious blonde wig. While the figure looks a lot like Tom Canton‘s Filavandrel, we can’t confirm his presence with absolute certainty at this point.

Nilfgaard wants a part in it too

Also present at the site were two Nilfgaardian soldiers on horseback, seemingly blocking the road, as if standing guard or waiting for someone. They are sporting the revised Nilfgaardian armor, so we can safely assume this scene will take place in one of the later episodes. From what we can make out, the pair seems to be a bit further down the road from where the main action took place, so it’s unclear whether these scenes are connected.

We’re glad the team is back to their busy self again and everything is taking place out in the open. Filming at Frensham Little Pond is expected to last at least until November 26, although it’s possible The Witcher will be there for up to two weeks. As always we’ll keep you in the loop on any new developments. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I’m guessing the new image we got from the Witchmas video with the Nilfgaardian soldier attacking someone is from Ciri’s nightmare? I love all the treats we are getting but I’m hoping for a teaser trailer soon!!!

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