Updated: The Witcher prepares for filming with Henry Cavill at Frensham Little Pond


Not long ago, The Witcher‘s star Henry Cavill and the stunt double of costar Anya Chalotra were photographed while filming at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey, England. Since then, Netflix has halted production and schedules were shifted around. Thanks to a tip from our sources and photos from local Sara Talib, we can now confirm that the Netflix production will film at the pond throughout the next two weeks.

Update: Pictures from two locations and Henry Cavill spotted during rehearsals

Frensham Little Pond as pictured by Sara Talib

Our local source, film production enthusiast Sara Talib, has once again visited the set at Frensham Little Pond and provided us more pictures and information about the upcoming location filming. Talib has also overheard that Henry Cavill was present for rehearsals on Saturday, which indicate the scenes soon to be filmed near the pond will involve Geralt of Rivia. Thank you, Sara!

Location 1: The Forest on the Hill

Talib mentions that this location has been fitted with prop bushes and wagons. It appears that the scene will involve the wagons climbing up the hill and into the forest (or perhaps down and out). The forest is adjacent to the pond, approximately five minutes away on foot. It is likely that Cavill was rehearsing in this area on Saturday as the crew were seen there.

Location 2: The Pond

The second location is just near the pond. This area is also littered with wagons and may or may not be related to the scenes filmed in the nearby woods. It’s equally possible that filming will take place at both locations simultaneously, or that they will film first in one area and then in the next.

Once again, we’d like to thank Sara Talib for the pictures. If you’re interested in our speculation regarding the scenes that will soon be filmed in Frensham, make sure to read the original article below.

Original Article

Filming equipment and props near the pond, via Sara Talib

According to the National Trust’s website, filming will last between November 23 and November 26, although the crew has already visited the site for a rehearsal on Saturday (November 21). We have also heard that filming could last up to two weeks in this location, so it’s not yet clear how long the crew will film there.

The crew parking lot at Frensham Little Pond, via Sara Talib
Caravans at Frensham Pond

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What scenes will be filmed near the pond? Well, it seems that filming of the scene involving Geralt and Yennefer will continue, and another scene (related or not) will feature numerous wagons. We have speculated in the past that the scene featuring the wagons could be the show’s adaption of a chapter from Blood of Elves where Geralt, Triss, and Ciri accompany the dwarven warrior Yarpen Zigrin as he leads a convoy of caravans through dangerous territory. A recent tweet from Jeremy Crawford who plays Zigrin in the show suggests this could indeed be the case.

Crawford replied to a tweet by Tom Canton (who portrays the elven King Filavandrel) with the hashtag #BackToWork, suggesting that Yarpen and Filavandrel may share a scene in the show. Recently, Triss actress Anna Schaffer has also returned to the set, so all the relevant actors are in place for an adaption of Blood of Elves‘ caravan sequence. Of course, this could be something else entirely. We can’t wait to find out!

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We’re excited to learn more of filming at Frensham Pond. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days.

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  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the info. The attack on the caravan while Geralt and Ciri where on the ruins of the Elven city talking why they have to let the young elvens to live is one on my favorite moments from the book. And Yarpen asking what they did to them was heartbreaking. “You have to live your life without asking for an apology” (paraphrased) is such a powerful moment! I can’t wait to see all these materialized on screen.

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