In Photos: Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Royce Pierreson’s Istredd on The Witcher set for what could be A Shard of Ice


Earlier today we reported that The Witcher is filming a big scene at Frensham Little Pond in Surrey. Now thanks to The Daily Mail and Goff Photos we know for a certainty that superstar Henry Cavill was there to film a scene alongside Royce Pierreson who plays the sorcerer Istredd. Take a look at the photos below and visit The Daily Mail for even more content.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia
Henry Cavill and Royce Pierreson

As we reported The Witcher was filming a scene involving someone who looked like either Joey Batey’s Jaskier or Pierreson’s Istredd. This should put all speculations to rest. Readers of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels will remember that Istredd and Geralt meet in the short story A Shard of Ice, which the show didn’t include in the first season. We know that at least one other short story (Grain of Truth) will be depicted in season two, so it’s entirely possible that we will also see the events of Shard.

What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to see A Shard of Ice in the second season? Let us know in the comments below or on our twitter.

12 comments on “In Photos: Henry Cavill’s Geralt and Royce Pierreson’s Istredd on The Witcher set for what could be A Shard of Ice”

  1. I doubt we’re getting a direct a shard of ice adaptation as Yen is not with Geralt atm. Maybe it’s their version of the two men confrontation. But on the other hand ASOI is Henry’s favorite short story so who knows? Either way it’s more Geralt and more Yenralt development so it’s a win!

    1. It’s when Geralt is fighting a monster in a rubbish pit outside of a city and he’s actually living with Yennefer. And when I got to that portion of the stories, I felt so happy for Geralt that despite everything he’d been told or heard or experienced, he actually was having this life, which he’s always wanted. And all of that was torn away from him. And it was so heartbreaking for me. I had a physical reaction when reading this book. People thought I was crazy. I was reading the book on the plane and we’re coming in to land. And I was trying to read more quickly. And I literally gasped, put my hand over my mouth when that point happens in the story, which is particularly dramatic. Yeah, that’s the story which affected me the most.”‬

    2. They changed the outcome of Getalt&Yen in Bounds of Reason/Rare Species adaptation. They can change it here too. In fact, a straight adaptation of “A Shard of Ice” makes no sense as Geralt and Yen are already broken up and that story’s entire plot was to break them up despite being made for each other bc something more was needed first. Maybe now they’ll use the story to bring them together. In the end, we know Yen ends up training Ciri and Geralt & Yen share other scenes too.

      1. Yes but they may, anyway, adapt the part of the story where Yennefer chooses Geralt over Istredd

  2. Getalt is gorgeous. His outfit looks like the one Yen made for him in Bottled Appetites. I hate ASOI (it’s beautifully written but heartbreaking) and now in the timeline unnecessary, tbh. I don’t doubt there will be conflict between Geralt and Yen’s ex but I doubt the storyline will follow the outline of ASOI. Hopefully, it’s the last we see of Istredd.

  3. A shard of ice won’t have the same impact now that it would have if Yen and Geralt were living together and she wanted more. I believe it has to do with the monoliths Istredd is studying and are connected with a prophecy that we believe involves Ciri, Geralt and Yen – although I expect some relationship drama. If I want something from that story is Istredd’s speech to Geralt that he’s a mutant and any love he might thinks he feels is cellular memory just to show how misunderstood witchers are and how influenced Istredd is by his master, Stregobor.

  4. Is that Geralt’s costume? It looks quite dressed down, not even reaching the level of season one. That looks like a “doublet” from real life present day H&M, apparently made from synthetic material and with a zipper to keep closed. Perhaps Cavill is wearing a padded waistcoat under the cape before shooting to keep warm. The cape is little more than a mere blanket and everything is very monochrome, not likely to look like anything on camera. I have expected something more interesting after the Nilfgardian armor upgrade. Istredd’s outfit is also very low key. What is going on in the costume department? Severe budget limitations, I suspect.

  5. Can we done with Istredd yet?Idk why LH brought him back, he’s useless and at this point asoi is pointless. Give us more Geralt and Yen. That’s what fans wants.

    1. I believe she brought him back for a sense of contuinity just like she did with Stregobor, Arturo Viggo, Dara etc. But I agree with you, I hope it’s the last we see him. And I hope Geralt ends Stregobor during the Thanedd coup – if he makes it so far.

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