The Witcher Blood Origin: Descriptions for two elven leads leaked


After months of silence, we heard some casting rumors for the The Witcher live action spinoff Blood Origin via the NSFW blog recapped. Today, entertainment site The Illuminerdi doubled down on the news with descriptions for the female and male show leads.

Accordingly, the cast of The Witcher: Blood Origin will be lead by two elven characters, one male, one female. The descriptions read as follows:

Eile: a woman meant to be between her late 20s to early 30s, is from a Clan of Elves that uses knives as their primary weapon. The producers are looking for a “diverse” actor to play the role, especially one with a background in dance and stunt work. This certainly suggests that there will be a lot of battles to portray over the course of 6 episodes.

Fjall: While about the same age as Eile, he is from an opposing clan – implying that there may be a clash for dominance. Not only is he physically strong, but is described as raw, gritty and visceral. Certainly a contrast to the graceful strength that one might expect from Eile

Eile was already mentioned in the Recapped leak two week ago, where she was introduced as Eile ‘The Lark’ Lithe alongside another woman called ‘Princess Merwyn’. The male character Fjall is an interesting case, as his physical attributes seem to fit those of Aquaman star Jason Momoa, who was reportedly considered for one of Blood Origin‘s leads earlier this year.

The Conjunction of the Spheres as depicted in CDPR’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In any case, it seems certain now, that the spinoff will focus heavily on the early history of the elves predating the arrival of the human race to the Continent. How will these characters tie in with the events leading up to the Conjunction of the Spheres and the creation of the first witcher, which canonically took place centuries later? For now, your guess is as good as ours.

According to recapped, filming of The Witcher: Blood Origin will pick up in May 2021 and is expected to last until December. The show will be a six-part limited series, helmed by Declan De Barra, who wrote episode four of the first season. Casting is already underway, with The Witcher casting director Sophie Holland in charge.

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  1. Right now I’m more interested in The Nightmaire of The Wolf than Blood Origin (but things might change, idk).

    My interest goes:

    1)The Witcher s2 (by far)
    2)Nightmaire of the Wolf
    3)Blood Origins.(I’m not warm up to that one yet)

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