Month: May 2019

Updated: A week of Witcher filming at Gyarmatpuszta, Hungary

Our last filming report covered the shooting nearby Gyarmatpuszta Hunting Lodge, which occurred during May’s third week. A week later, we are able to place the crew once again at this location, filming both day and night shoots. We’ve already gotten a first look at Nilfgaardian armor, but now we have some new information (and

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Vladimir Furdik, stunt coordinator, says scripts for The Witcher have been revised 9 times

Fans of Game of Thrones will recognize Vladimir Furdik as the show’s evil Night King, but his role on The Witcher is quite different. As stunt coordinator, Furdik will be in charge of the stunt team in various episodes. In the interview above (found, edited and subtitled by Sidh- thanks Sidh!), Furdik discusses how often

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Updated: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan and others filmed on location at Gyarmatpuszta, Hungary

Though our past few articles focused on the Nilfgaardian siege camp, it wasn’t the only location used for May’s third week of filming. The week’s second location was a lakeside forest by Gyarmatpuszta Hunting Lodge at Kumarom-Esztergom, Hungary. While a siege was waged at Paty, Pest, the filming at Gyarmatpuszta involved a more intimate shoot

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