“Something More” in The Witcher confirmed as Jack Wolfe’s role is revealed!

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The first time we wrote about Jack Wolfe, we speculated that according to his filming location and the timing, he could have been filming scenes with either Henry Cavill or Freya Allan. It turns out that his character has scenes with both!

According to his CV, Jack plays Nadbor. On the surface, this doesn’t sound like anything interesting and even half of book readers won’t remember him, but Nadbor is one of Yurga’s two sons. Does that ring a bell?

In the short story “Something More,” after the devastating events of Cintra, Ciri is taken in by Yurga’s wife, Goldencheeks, while Yurga himself is away on a supply run interacting with Geralt. During their time together, Ciri and Nadbor become close friends, almost like siblings.

“Something More” as adapted in The Hexer (2001)

It has never been in doubt that we’d see “Something More” at some point in the show, but only now have we got concrete confirmation. We know that Geralt, Ciri and Nadbor were on location during that period of filming. Have they been filming that reunion scene? We can’t say for sure, but things are looking excitingly suspicious.

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