First Look: Analyzing The Witcher’s “W” Symbol

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Thanks to a tip from a reader, Redanian Intelligence has found the first clear look at The Witcher’s “W” symbol for the series. While it’s still rather blurry, especially when cropped, we can make out a few key details in the design. The clapperboard here for episode 4, directed by Álex García López, shows two “W” symbols bracketing the familiar “WW” that’s been used throughout production to refer to The Witcher. We speculate that this might stand for “White Wolf”. Read more for a breakdown of everything we’re able to see.

As you can see, the symbol shows what appears to be two overlapping W’s with the image of a wolf curled in the middle, almost like an ouroboros.

Blurry closeup of the “W” symbol

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this symbol. A previous clapperboard for episode 8 also featured this “W”. The details were less clear, but you can still see the overlapping W’s and the vague shape of something circular in the middle.

The “W” symbol from a previous clapperboard

These symbols differ from our very first look at the “W” symbols featured on crew shirts during filming last year. That symbol maintained the general idea of the design, but executed with a different aesthetic.

A partial and very tiny look at a wolf wrapped around overlapping W’s, via crew shirts

While we can’t be sure that this is the symbol that will be used for the series, it does seem to be what they’re using during this phase of production, possibly only for internal use. Redanian Intelligence will be keeping an eye out for any updates, and hopefully the final design that will be used in marketing.

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