First look at Nilfgaardian armour and weapons in The Witcher!


It has been a week since we shared our exclusive photos of the night shoots involving Nilfgaardian troops. We saw some extras with armour and weapons, but it was impossible to make anything out as they were from afar. Now we have a much closer look!

Here we have photos and videos that show some very exciting details on those weapons and armour. We covered the faces as much as we could so no one gets in any trouble.

See the Nilfgaardian sigil in the middle?
Full body armour
A closer look at the sword

And then we have a video. More precisely, several very short videos cut into one. Take a look. You can see some of those props in action!

And another photo was brought to our attention by DoctorLove. It shows a very cool shot of a rider in a winged helmet with feathers. Is that Cahir? We can’t wait to find out.

An old photo of the Nilfgaardian camp, in case you missed it

Both armour and weapons look much more “fantasy-ish” than anything we’ve seen from The Witcher before. They even have a certain The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim feel to them. What do you make of them? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Good grief that looks so awful, I’d hoped that they’d go for a more gritty and realistic take on fantasy, but nope, they’ve gotta go for impractical fantasy crap that so doesn’t suite the world of witcher. Like what the hell is up with the texture of their armour? You couldn’t forge plate armour like that! They just look like standard evil empire grunts, which is such a painful misinterpretation of Nilfgaard, a cosmopolitan, advanced and comparatively progressive society. This series is gonna suck so much arse, first, the massive miscasting of geralt, now we see that the aesthetic looks like crap.

    1. WELL technically you can, by forge-welding iron rods to the completed plates. Granted, it’s a terrible idea and keeps hits from glancing off, making them hurt more… the sword is VERY loosely patterned after an Elmslie type F3e, so it basically is a poorly made replica of a real sword.

      1. Commenting because I can’t edit. Actually, the armor looks like really baggy leather glued onto a backing.

  2. That is some ugly armor. Why does it look like wrinkled cloth? They got the stunt guy from GoT, looks like they should have gotten the costume designer.

    I get more worried for this series with every new leak.

    1. A straight up visual and practical disaster. As a historical reenactor that loved the games’ mook designs precisely because they were realistic, practical and beautiful (the nilfgaardian winged sallets were gorgeous) this affront to the very idea of platemail straight up murders and subsequently immolates the minimal amounts of hope I had for this series after seeing the disastrous casting. It’s ugly. It’s impractical. A cuirass isn’t supposed to be form-fitting, it needs to be curved to present an angled surface for blows to bounce off of to minimize the damage of impacts made upon it. They have no gorgets, exposed necks. The pauldrons make no sense whatsoever. The cuirass is too long and would give them no mobility, the texture arguably lessens this thing’s ability to repel blows, are those supposed to be vambraces? Where are their damned gauntlets? If you can afford a cuirass, you can definitely afford gauntlets too. This is a total failure of design and it’s comparable with run of the mill seasonal anime designs. Congratulations, witcher costume design team, you had the perfect examples in the form of the games and you still managed to completely ruin it. It’s like putting ketchup on a 200€ ribeye. It’s an affront. It’s just objectively bad and I’m livid and disappointed after seeing netflix continuously butcher the books that I so love and which made my teenage years what they were. For a series that is significant for its relatively realistic approach to some historical subject matter, this design is just not acceptable – and I won’t go off with ad hominems, but the design team should simply be ashamed.
      Be ashamed. This is not good design. This is not practical or aesthetic design. This is simply a wholesale failure.
      Have a good day. After seeing this, I know I won’t.

  3. At first I thought it was some strange monster, but then I saw the sigil…
    Why not just give the Nilfgaardians normal black armor like they have in the game? You would need a custom mold to make these weirdly shaped breastplates and Nilfgaard is known for efficiency. Don’t go telling me they do a special mold for every single size of breastplate a soldier might need.
    (And would they even such technology in the Witcher-verse…?)

    1. A cuirass isn’t really made in a mold and is rather hammered to shape. Seems impossible to do with these things. I already talked about why the design is impractical, but you’re right, making these things would be hugely inefficient as well.

  4. Looks like something out of the early power rangers series. Just lost a whole lot of faith in this, so disappointing.

  5. It looks fantasy-ish? Seriously? It looks like something from a cheap sci-fi series. Even the Polish version of the Witcher had better armor.

  6. Perhaps everyone should just wait for the series to actually start before giving criticism. All we’ve seen is a few photos and videos. We don’t know what the end game will look like. Have a little patience…… Watch it first!

  7. So, I was a bit worried about this too, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this armor is either for 1) Super way in the background extras or 2) More likely part of a dream/nightmare sequence that Ciri has from the massacre as Cintra. That would explain the more fantastical and “grotesque” look the the armor and weapons

  8. So, the armor looks like a shriveled dick? No wonder, when half of your writing staff are self-proclaimed “patriarchy smashers”. Gonna avoid this show completely to keep my stress level at minimum.

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