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Behind the Scenes with The Witcher’s monsters

Netflix’s recently released fantasy series, The Witcher, tells the tale of Geralt of Rivia (played by Superman’s Henry Cavill). Belonging to the Guild of Witchers, Geralt is a solitary monster hunter with superhuman abilities and tackles many a beast throughout the show’s eight episodes. Now, we’re happy to reveal some new behind-the-scenes material we have

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Redanian Archives XVI: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher’s last week of filming

With The Witcher‘s release date fast approaching, Netflix are bombarding the fans with a constant wave of Henry Cavill interviews, worldwide panels and new footage. It is almost hard to remember the dark times of yore, when we worked very hard to find and reveal new information about the show. In this report, we conclude

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Redanian Archives XV: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher’s Reshoots

Netflix’s hotly-anticipated fantasy, The Witcher starring Henry Cavill, is set to launch on the streaming service in just over three weeks’ time. When the series releases, all eight one-hour episodes will be available at once, and it’s likely that the fans will binge through them in one weekend. Creating this eight-hour experience, however, took many

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