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Redanian Archives XV: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher’s Reshoots

Netflix’s hotly-anticipated fantasy, The Witcher starring Henry Cavill, is set to launch on the streaming service in just over three weeks’ time. When the series releases, all eight one-hour episodes will be available at once, and it’s likely that the fans will binge through them in one weekend. Creating this eight-hour experience, however, took many

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Redanian Archives XII: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher

Netflix’s long anticipated series The Witcher, starring Superman‘s Henry Cavill, is expected to be the streaming service’s biggest show this coming winter. With a release date of December 20, the fans are counting down the days until the show will grace their screens. In the meantime, let’s dive into another entry of Redanian Archives, our

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The Witcher’s showrunner addresses the Nilfgaardian armor

In an unanticipated but greatly appreciated move, The Witcher’s showrunner Lauren Hissrich took to Reddit to share some exlusive behind-the-scenes images and answer the fandom’s most urgent questions, including what thoughts went into the design of the Nilfgaardian armors, who will play Borch and what was the most challenging episode to shoot. Fans have been

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The Witcher’s showrunner reveals new behind-the-scenes Cintra stills

Two new behind-the-scenes pictures of Cintra have been revealed by Lauren S Hissrich, showrunner of Netflix’s The Witcher. The stills feature actress Freya Allan (Ciri), Jodhi May (Queen Calanthe), Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson (King Eist Tuirseach) and Adam Levy (Mousesack). The new stills show a feast in the Great Hall of Cintra and were posted on

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Redanian Archives XI: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher’s Filming in Poland

Redanian Archives recounts the filming of Netflix’s The Witcher with behind the scenes pictures and revelations. This time, we’ll revisit the crew’s exciting detour to The Witcher‘s homeland – Poland. In the ruins of the old Ogrodzieniec Castle, Polish fans were able to spot the crew in the process of filming and provide us with

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Redanian Archives IX: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher’s Filming in the Canary Islands

In this Redanian Archives, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at The Witcher‘s filming on the beautiful island of La Palma. With the show’s release this coming December, La Palma island will become the Continent’s Dragon Mountains, where Geralt and Yennefer join the hunt for a golden dragon, as well as the beautiful Brokilon Forest, home

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