Season One of The Witcher Officially Wraps and a Logo Tease


Season one of The Witcher has officially wrapped, as reported by the team here at Redanian Intelligence. On May 29, cast and crew took to social media from the courtyard at Brody Studio to celebrate a major milestone in the production of Netflix’s The Witcher series. Filming, including reshoots, is over until the whole thing begins again for season two (rumored to begin filming early 2020). While a bulk of the cast and crew celebrated wrapping in April, this seems to be the final wrap party for season one.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich confirmed the hard-earned milestone on her Instagram (with an interestingly wolf-themed backdrop that might just be custom made for The Witcher), saying: “And that’s a wrap on season one! So thrilled, so proud, so tired.” We can imagine that after the recent all-nighters and overtime shoots, this is a bittersweet (but more sweet than bitter) moment for the crew.

Scenes from the last day of filming and wrap party

Earlier in the day, a member of the crew posted on his Instagram that the final day of shooting lasted from eight in the morning to beyond eleven at night. After enduring that pouring rain, well into overtime… this crew deserves to turn up and celebrate all the massive effort they’ve put into making season one of The Witcher a success.

The Witcher’s wolf logo as seen at the season one wrap party

Alongside posts from happy party-goers dancing it up was our clearest look at The Witcher’s “W” logo yet. The circular wolf symbol and overlapping W’s are consistent with earlier reports from set showcasing the logo. All that remains to be seen is if the design is used for the series in an official capacity. Throughout production, “WW” could be seen on set to denote filming of the series nearby. It is speculated that “WW” refers to “White Wolf”, a possible working title for the series used only during production to internally refer to the series. Seeing as this logo references this “WW” motif, there’s a good chance it’s unofficial and just for use during production.

This officially marks the end of our time following filming, seeing who’s on set and where they’re shooting next. It’s been a privilege, and we cannot wait to bring you more scoops as other phases of production kick into gear. Keep an eye on this space.

6 comments on “Season One of The Witcher Officially Wraps and a Logo Tease”

  1. Have you identified any of the people in the first pic. I think, on the far left, it is the actress playing Fringilla Viggo,, but I don´t recognize any of the others… Where you guys able to make out any of the others? Some of them seem to be part of the crew and some are part of the cast…

    1. The blonde girl in the upper middle of the picture is the actress playing Sabrina, lower far right is the actor playing Jaskier and standing behind him is the actress playing Tourviel. The rest are Lauren the showrunner(sitting next to Jaskier’s actor) and members of the crew.

      1. @Ofek: Thanks for the rply. What about the woman to the far left? isn´t that the actress playing the sorceress Fringilla Viggo? The actress behind the guy playing Jaskier, what is her name and which character is she playing…you mentioned Tournviel, who was this again in the books?

        Also, I was hoping to see a pic of the three main leads e.g. Henry, Anya and Freya..

  2. From left to right: Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla), Faye Timby (Casting Assistant), Sophie Holland (Casting Director), Therica Wilson-Read (Sabrina), Tera Ragan (Assistant Showrunner) & Natasha Culzac (Toruviel). Sitting: Lauren Hissrich (Showrunner) & Joey Batey (Jaskier).

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