Redanian Intelligence Exclusive: videos from the Nilfgaardian siege camp


Yesterday, we shared some very exciting photos from the preparation and filming of what appears to be part of the Cintra siege, thanks to GotLike Locations. Now it’s time for videos!

First one is the filming itself. We see someone, presumably the director, talk with the actors and give them directions. As we wrote in the first article, we think one of them is Fringilla Vigo played by Mimi Ndiweni. Later in the video we can see the actual filming. It seems to be a dialogue scene as nothing else happens. Not that we can see at least.

In the next video we can see the trebuchet in action. Well, a little after the action. The soldiers are also there.

Next up we have someone approaching the trebuchet, falling and getting up. Is that part of the scene?

Another video shows a rider approaching the tents and getting off his horse.

The last video is less interesting. We can only see an overview of the set, the smoke and extras in-between takes.

Lastly, we can say that these night shoots have been taking place for several days at least. Some last week, some this week and some in other locations. The next part of our exclusive scoop will be covering another filming location nearby, so stay tuned!