UPDATED! Last day of The Witcher filming: cast updates, set photos and Marc Jobst


As we knew from before, this is possibly the very last week of filming for season one of The Witcher. In this update we have new cast members, cast and crew wrapping, snippets from the set and more.

First up is actor Rob Malone (Vikings). Rob has been cast as a character named Simon, according to his agency’s CV. There is no Simon in the books, so he must be an original character. The director listed is Alik Sakharov, but that may well just be a placeholder.

Rob Malone as Thorgrim in Vikings

Next is Packy Lee, whom you may know as Johnny Dogs from Peaky Blinders. While his character is not known yet, we have reason to believe that he’s involved in reshoots of “The Lesser Evil” at Mafilm Studio. He’s been in Budapest for the past few weeks, he has social media connections with many of the cast and crew, including Mia McKenna-Bruce (Marilka), and he gave a wrapping gift to his stuntman. It’s possible that he’s a member of Renfri’s gang. If so, did he replace someone we know or is he someone new? We know that at least Shane Attwooll isn’t in Hungary right now and hasn’t been for a long time. Could Packy be the new Nohorn if Nohorn is indeed recast? He got a very short haircut for his role and Nohorn is bald.

Packy Lee as Johnny Dogs in Peaky Blinders
A gift for the last day of filming

Speaking of reshoots, it seems that Marilka’s role has been significantly expanded in the show as the actress is still filming – but wraps today with the rest. In the books, Marilka is the five-year-old daughter of Caldemeyn, alderman of Blaviken, who’s barely even in the story. Is it possible that Marilka’s life will be at stake during the big showdown and that was the reason for aging the character up?

Next up, we have some interesting snippets of the set from the last few days:

UPDATE: Now we know that director Marc Jobst has been working on Episode 1 too. It appears that he filmed the marketplace fight sequence at Mafilm. Interestingly, the take on the clapperboard was shot in 96 FPS which means it will be in slow motion. And someone gets his arm chopped off, as you see.

The role of Marc Jobst is still unclear, but as the clues pile up, the picture becomes clearer. It appears that the necessity of reshoots messed the schedule up and Marc was brought in to help Alik Sakharov film whatever he didn’t have time to do himself. If not for the reshoots, Alik would have the time to do everything by himself. But that’s just speculation for now.

And we proceed to the rest of the photos:

Mud & blood
Mud & rain
The well at Mafilm
Horse at the set
Rainy day on set

Besides filming wrapping at Mafilm, it appears that they are also wrapping at Gyarmatpuszta. Is it really over today, or are there still a few days left at the studios?

Regardless of whether they are done today or done in a few days, this has been quite a journey. The production has been kept under wraps for the most part, but we did manage to get a few snippets here and there along the way. Hopefully the promo campaign will begin soon – and then we shall feast!