UPDATED: Cast news – new faces, old faces and something more


Today, we will put aside our filming locations for a moment and focus on the cast. We have some new cast and some old cast updates. Let’s get to it!

First we have Wayne Cater. We do not know his character’s name, but we do know that he was in Budapest late January and has been involved in the filming of the short story “A Question of Price.” Who could he be? Perhaps Vissegerd, one of Queen Calanthe’s marshals?

UPDATE #1: Turns out Wayne is actually playing а “Seething Lord”.

Wayne Cater

UPDATE #2: We have learned that Michael Power has been cast as The Butcher in a Charlotte Brändström episode. Sounds menacing!

Michael Power

UPDATE #3: Another cast member that we have found is a Welsh actress Lu Corfield. You have probably heard that name before and we’re certain most of you have heard her voice. After all, Lu is the voice actress of Iris von Everec from the Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. In the Netflix adaptation though, according to her CV, she will appear as a character named Marites in a Marc Jobst episode (Episode 8).

Lu Corfield

Next up is Martin Angerbauer who we have already mentioned once. Now it has been confirmed that he will appear as a Militia guard in Episode 5. This episode will feature the short story “The Last Wish“.

Martin Angerbauer

Another cast member is Simeon Dyer. We knew about Simeon being part of The Witcher for quite some time, but it was only recently that his IMDB page was updated and we learned that he is playing Lucas Corto, a member of Yarpen Zigrin’s gang. The gang will be featured in “Bounds of Reason,” a short story we will see adapted in Episode 6.

Simeon Dyer

Speaking of updates on IMDB, Mahesh Jadu (who plays Vilgefortz) has updated his profile and is now listed for Episodes 7 and 8. This lines up nicely with what we know from before about director Marc Jobst filming scenes for the season finale. We have seen Mahesh on set at the Ogrodzieniec castle, a Polish location which Jobst on set as director.

Mahesh Jadu as Vilgefortz. Photo credit: adventus_21

Related to the Ogrodzieniec shoot, there was Felix Garcia Guyer, someone we wrongly thought was on location for filming. However, Guyer has denied his involvement in the show.

Another cast member is Jack Wolfe, whom we mentioned in a previous article. We don’t know who he is or what he does, but there is a possibility that he has been filming with Henry Cavill and Freya Allan.

Jack Wolfe

Speaking of Freya Allan, she recently created a new public account on Instagram. Days later, Joey Batey, our Jaskier who has been under the radar this whole time, also opened a public Instagram account. Joey is also on Twitter now, so go follow him. With all the social media activity, we feel that something is coming.

Geralt and Jaskier’s chairs on set (Source: joeybateyofficial)

In addition to this news, we learned that Mimi Ndiweni will wrap season one this week while another cast member wraps on May 31. This lines up with the original Production Weekly report that filming will wrap on that date.

Are cast members preparing their social media for a PR campaign that will start sometime soon? It certainly looks that way. Filming will be over soon, but Redanian Intelligence will have you covered as we have more stories to break from past months.

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