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Celeste Dodwell Joins The Rings of Power Season 2

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The second season of Amazon’s The Rings of Power starring Morfydd Clark and Charlie Vickers is currently deep into production in the UK, and while most of the new cast for the new season has already been revealed, there are still role to discover.

Celeste Dodwell Cast in The Rings of Power

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Celeste Dodwell

We’ve learned that English-Australian actress Celeste Dodwell has joined the second season of The Rings of Power as a character codenamed ‘Erseilil‘. Her character’s real name is currently unknown.

Dodwell has appeared in such productions as The Musketeers, Robert Zemeckis’ Allied, Atlanta and more.

In other news, Fellowship of Fans has a few more castings for the second season of The Rings of Power:

Also Rings of Power Thoughts has a few more roles for the new season:

Rings of Power Season 2 is now in production at Bray Studios in the UK. No release date has been confirmed. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more news!

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