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Watch 1899 Star Audition for a Major Role in House of the Dragon Season 2

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The second season of HBO’s House of the Dragon starring Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke is gearing up for production very soon and lately we have started getting little bits and pieces of information about it. Namely, a few things about Blood and Cheese. Now, we have another interesting audition.

Emily Beecham Auditions for Alys Rivers in House of the Dragon Season 2

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UPDATE: Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the videos were deleted by Warner Bros. and their copyright claim.

In not just one, but two videos, we can see 1899 star Emily Beecham read for a character codenamed ‘AR‘. She seems to be a healer of some sort and is speaking to a man, who just took a castle she lives in.

‘AR’ mocks the man for losing his position of the royal heir to his brother’s daughter and his wife, and for allegedly trying to prove himself to said wife by taking this castle. She also makes a sarcastic claim that she’s cursed and overall has the feel of that type of healer whom smallfolk and others would call a witch.

It’s quite easily identifiable that what we see is a dialogue between Daemon Targaryen and Alys Rivers, after he took Harrenhal. Alys seems to be treating Daemon’s injuries in the scene, although that seems to be an addition of the series. It could also be a fake script just for casting purposes.

Alys Rivers was a wet nurse at Harrenhal with a reputation of a witch. As her last name suggests, she was an illegitimate daughter of Lyonel Strong. In House of the Dragon, she has the potential to become one of the most intriguing characters, provided she gets her share of screentime.

It’s also worth noting that auditions videos are usually published by actors, who weren’t cast in the project, so we probably won’t see Emily Beecham as Alys Rivers. That said, there have been exceptions. Namely, when we saw Graham McTavish’s audition for The Witcher and he ended up being cast as Dijkstra after all.

In any case, it’s quite exciting to see Emily Beecham audition for a major role in House of the Dragon Season 2, and Alys Rivers no less.

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Alys Rivers art by Hylora

There’s still no official word on any Season 2 casting, but given that filming is starting fairly soon, one might think an announcement would come soon as well. Perhaps a first small batch of new characters, like they did with Season 1.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is in pre-production for a 2024 release at HBO. Follow Redanian Intelligence for more news on House of the Dragon as well as other series.

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