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Cast and crew bid farewell to The Witcher Season 2 as it finally wraps filming

An entire year, 159 filming days and a pandemic later, production of The Witcher Season 2 has finally wrapped in Arborfield Studios on April 1, 2021. After a successful start in February 2020, the production faced unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 and multiple delays, but showrunner Lauren Hissrich and her team persevered through the many

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Witcher recap: Season 2 filming heads to the final week in splendor, with Cintra dances and a looming threat

A lot has been happening at Arborfield Studios the past couple of weeks as The Witcher filming heads to the final week. While showrunner Lauren Hissrich, and much of her crew have been working 6-day weeks, many of the remaining cast and crew have wrapped. Lead actors Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan continue

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The Witcher films a major action sequence involving elves and an introduction to a detective duo

As the filming of Netflix’s The Witcher continues and is reaching its final stretch with the six-day working weeks, director Ed Bazalgette has rejoined the crew to film the season finale and perhaps some of his scenes from Episode 5. This week, we have learned, Arborfield Studios saw action, sword fights, blood, and gore as

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