First images with the characters of The Witcher prequel ‘Blood Origin’


Cameras for The Witcher: Blood Origin have been rolling for over a month now, but compared to the original series, things have been relatively quiet and more relaxed. So far until now we haven’t got a chance to take a look at the characters portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, Sophia Brown, Laurence O’Fuarain and others, but today we take a step into the right direction.

Over the last few days the filming crew has been working in Frensham Little Pond and this time around we have our very first little glimpse at the characters of The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Our person on site told us that there were four figures yesterday seemingly fighting an imaginary CGI creature with the help of a green pole. Then the next day the production was bigger and there were more actors/extras around with dark outfits and horses too.

UPDATE: And now we have footage of the soldiers as well with someone who seems to be a royal figure on horseback.

Then we have the initial photos from an earlier day of filming

Sadly, it’s all blurry, but from a first glance we can distinguish Huw Novelli‘s Callan ‘Brother Death’ in the tall bald man with a beard. He appears to carry either a big battleaxe or a hammer. The rest are said to be carrying a sword, knives and an axe. Novelli himself confirmed his presence in an Instagram story.

Sophia Brown‘s Eile is also confirmed to be one of them and presumably the one with the knives, but we can’t tell which one there is Eile. It would be only logical to assume that the other two are Laurence O’Fuarain‘s Fjall and Michelle Yeoh‘s Scian. Our correspondent mentioned that the figure in the brown cloak looked Asian, so that must be Michelle.

Additionally, it looks like Amy Murray aka Fenrik is also there as the actress flew over to London last week and is excited to start work.

Filming for Blood Origin outdoors isn’t over and we’re curious what else we might see over the next weeks. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Who needs that really – I think most fans would rather appreciate bigger investment in the main series

  2. The Witcher series on Netflix has Sapkoski’s books as decent source material and yet the first season was a disaster in terms of storytelling. Now we are to assume that the same people who couldn’t transform reasonably good book material into a reasonable screenplay would do better when they have no source material to draw from. Feels very much like a no-starter.

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