The Witcher prequel Blood Origin starts UK filming with second unit

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While cameras have been rolling for a few days in Iceland for The Witcher: Blood Origin, a second unit has just started this week in the UK for the Witcher prequel starring Sophia Brown, Laurence O’Fuarain and Michelle Yeoh.

As confirmed by TheKnowledge, filming has begun is two UK studios. Our own sources say that in addition to Arborfield Studios, Longcross Studios is also involved or is planned to be involved in some capacity, but how much isn’t certain.

The Icelandic unit is spearheaded by director Vicky Jewson, while in the UK it is Sarah O’Gorman directing her episodes. This is how the episodes are divided between the two:

  • Episode 1: Sarah O’Gorman
  • Episode 2: Vicky Jewson
  • Episode 3: Vicky Jewson
  • Episode 4: Sarah O’Gorman
  • Episode 5: Vicky Jewson
  • Episode 6: Sarah O’Gorman

Sarah O’Gorman was apparently appointed as Lead Director of Blood Origin and now we can tell why: she is directing two of the most crucial episodes of the series, the premiere and the finale.

Filming for Blood Origin is expected to wrap around mid-November, but as inevitable delays sometimes go with Covid, we’d predict it to be late November or even December.

As for Iceland, Tut Nyuot has confirmed his arrival to Iceland yesterday via his Instagram. His role still remains unknown, but it is clear he’s appearing in one of Jewson’s episodes.

That’s it for today’s quick Witcher recap. Filming has just begun and we can’t wait to share more exciting news. Stay tuned!

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