What Millie Brady’s Renfri was supposed to look like in The Witcher


As you probably already know, Princess Renfri was originally going to be played by Millie Brady in Netflix’s The Witcher. She shot most or all of her scenes, but in the end the decision was made to reshoot the entire Blaviken story. As a result, several roles were recast including Renfri, who in the end was played by Emma Appleton.

Previously, we had no idea how was Millie Brady’s Renfri supposed to look like, but now we do. While we don’t have a picture of Brady herself in costume, we have pictures of Renfri’s original stuntwoman, Dorottya Talpassy, who published them after show’s premiere. As you can see, Renfri was originally blonde, just like in the books.

Renfri and her gang of stuntmen
More pictures

As you can notice, Renfri’s original costume has a slightly more Roman tone than the one created for Emma Appleton.

Take a look at the other snippets from the unused footage of original Blaviken scenes:

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  1. In the short story, Renfri wears a skirt, white blouse, and pearl necklace. Probably none of them could be found by the costume department. Which is why Renfri was dressed in rags. Incidentally, the woman paid attention to her appearance. And she was rich. From previous robberies. No need to walk in rags. For a former princess, this is also not appropriate. The striking thing about fighting Geralt was that she tore off her skirt and used it in the fight to fool Geralt. Like the bullfighter in bullfighting. The dagger was never used. You can’t know if you don’t care about the stories. Or you have to let Henry tell you. With so many deviations, the missing blonde hair is clearly the lesser evil. I’m curious to see what the “rats” will look like. How dirty vagabonds? They are richly decorated in the novels. They set accents for fashion and hairstyles. Maybe Henry mentions that before the costume designer starts?

  2. I would also like to note that travelers already had luggage at that time. Maybe someone says that to the director? Travelers on horseback usually had saddlebags, a stuff sack, or even a cargo horse. So they didn’t have to stay in dirty clothes in inns all the time. See Triss Merigold, who gave Ciri her spare dress. You could even have your things washed. Like Leo Bonhard, who after the massacre on the “rats” first had his things washed and walked around in his shirt and boots. Yes, you could even bathe in hot water. Even in real medieval Europe. Who could afford it? Renfri could. It is even described in the short stories. How Geralt sits in a tub with the “Golden Dragon” and two serrican Warrior Women. Ask Henry!

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