The Witcher concept art shows alternative look for dryads, Nilfgaardians, dwarves and more


The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher saw the introduction of many of the Continent’s races with each of them having a distinct look. Some viewers were happy with what they saw, some were not. In any case, we already know from leaked pictures and assurances from showrunner Lauren Hissrich that both the elves and the Nilfgaardians will get an upgrade in Season 2.

Here are some of the early concept artworks for Season 1 from Pixoloid Studios. Some of the looks, as you may notice, can be described as more book-friendly than the final result.

Notice also that the list includes goblins. We never saw any goblins in the first season, so perhaps that’s been scrapped or saved for the future?

Dryads, from young to old
Dryad variations
Dwarf faces
Elves in various ethnic types
Closer look at the elves
Closer look at the goblins
Costumes, including Stregobor, Nilfgaardians and Aretuza novices
A closer look at the Nilfgaardian costumes. The armour here looks a bit different from the final result.

Head over to the Pixoloid Studios page to find additional concept artwork for The Witcher Season 1.

4 comments on “The Witcher concept art shows alternative look for dryads, Nilfgaardians, dwarves and more”

  1. Gnomes not goblins. There were no goblins in the Witcher books, but there were plenty of gnomes.

  2. And they chose their current look for the Dryads and Nilfgaardians …. over THIS? FFS. This would have been fine.

  3. I wish they had used some of these designs in the show. Maybe next season with the budget up the costumes, make up and special effects will be improved.

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