New evidence seems to reveal Millie Brady’s replacement as Renfri


“Who is the new Renfri?”

This question has been looming over our heads ever since we learned that Millie Brady would no longer be playing the charismatic and dangerous princess from the short story “The Lesser Evil”. About a month ago we made an educated guess, and it seems we weren’t wrong!

Based on social media connections with a few crew members and Mia McKenna-Bruce (Marilka), we suggested that the new Renfri could be the 27-year-old English actress Emma Appleton. Our guess now seems to be corroborated by the CV of Wolfgang Stegemann, a stunt co-ordinator who works on The Witcher. Stegemann lists a number of actors and actresses who he has trained for fight scenes. The list includes Packy Lee and Emma Appleton.

Just a few days ago we revealed that Packy Lee has been involved in the marketplace fight scene that occurs in “The Lesser Evil” which we will see in Episode 1. As the actor shaved his head for the role, we believe he could be the new Nohorn, replacing Shane Attwooll.

We have checked every project Wolfgang has worked on. Not a single one of them features Emma Appleton. This suggests that the only way they could have been working together is in The Witcher — unless she has been secretly cast in the upcoming Jumanji sequel which doesn’t appear to be the case.

Emma Appleton in Traitors (2019)
Emma Appleton for Vogue

Have we indeed found our new Renfri? It seems likely, but nothing is certain at this point. If you wish to see more of Emma, go check out the six-part mini-series Traitors on Netflix. Meanwhile, we will continue our coverage of the Season 1 shoot as we have more exclusives coming up despite filming having wrapped.