Something Ends: Cast and Crew Farewell Round-up

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With filming of The Witcher’s first season officially wrapped, the cast and crew have taken to social media to bid their farewells to the seven-month shoot. From showrunner and lead to accountant and grips, key players in the making of Netflix’s next hit have said their goodbyes (or, in some cases, their not-so-goodbyes). Read on for more.

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich kicked off the official news with a short but sweet tweet thanking the writers, cast, and crew for their hard work. Casting director Sophie Holland replied: “I can honestly say the best, toughest, most rewarding year of my life. Thanks for the adventure [Lauren S. Hissrich].” Holland’s assistant Faye Timby followed suit, tweeting: “What an amazing year. Thank you [Sophie Holland] for the job of a lifetime.”

For the fans, she threw in a suggestive tease about things to come – “Now, onto…”. With Recapped reporting that season one is set to drop December 20 with season two tentatively scheduled to film not a month later, the writers’ room will likely be reconvening in the coming months. Hissrich has more than earned a break after a grueling shoot, but we can’t say we aren’t excited to see her get back to work.

Leading man Henry Cavill commemorated the end of filming with a selfie from his hair and makeup chair and a few heartfelt words. Echoing Lauren S. Hissrich, he thanked the hardworking cast and crew as well as his personal team for helping to improve, adjust, and evolve Geralt throughout filming.

On what we can only assume is one of his last days in Hungary, Cavill took a ride on a horse named Hector who, suspiciously, will be missed. If Hector is indeed Geralt’s Roach, Hungary’s farewell is our first real look at the iconic stead. Cheers, Henry!

Jacqui Rathore, Henry Cavill’s personal hairdresser, posted a rainy selfie from the last day on set. Alongside Jacqui were two more members of Cavill’s team whose hard work was noted and appreciated by the actor.

Showing off their stylish wolf school-themed gear, the “Lone Wolf Grips” took a group photo to mark the end of their eight months on set.

Next, the unsung heroes of any production, the accounting team, grouped together for a photo in the last days of filming.

While lucky cast and crew members went straight into party mode, other members of the crew still had work on their minds. A member of the VFX team gave us a peek at the process of grid testing where cameras are analyzed for the points where an image is distorted.

In true cool-as-hell fashion, Vladimir Furdik — whose title on set was both trainer and stunt co-ordinator — celebrated the end of filming with actions, not words. He’s more than earned a night of partying.

So, that’s it for the season one farewell roundup. Redanian Intelligence salutes the folks who made this phase of production happen. We’re so excited for the end product. If any of our readers is left with a feeling of emptiness at the thought of no more casting or filming scoops, please watch this space. As we said before, the fun’s not over yet.

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