Recasting and reshoots confirmed: Mia McKenna-Bruce cast as new Marilka


Ever since the rumours emerged that Millie Brady was no longer Renfri and Rebecca Benson, who was meant to play Marilka, was removed from the The Witcher‘s IMDB cast list, it has been speculated that there will be reshoots of the Pilot episode in addition to the new actresses. Now we have hard evidence thanks to u/ofekalt. The new Marilka is Mia McKenna-Bruce.

Mia’s CV confirms that she has been cast as Marilka, the daughter of Caldemeyn who is the alderman of Blaviken and her Instagram shows that she has been filming her scenes in Budapest very recently – two days ago. This absolutely confirms the reshoots as well. Read our extensive article about the reshoots here.

With recasting and reshoots confirmed, we need to address the elephant in the room. Who will be the new Renfri? Well, we have a theory based on social media. Mia, our new Marilka, and a few crew members started following actress Emma Appleton very recently.

Emma is in the same age range as Millie Brady, the previous Renfri, and has the similar looks. Is she indeed Renfri? We’ll wait for clues.