December release date for The Witcher confirmed


The rumours about the December release date began with producer Tomek Baginski when he said in February that they had 10 more months until the release. Then the NSFW blog Recapped published a rumour that Season 1 of The Witcher would drop on Friday, December 20, 2019. Now we seem to have a confirmation at least for the part that it will be December.

A member of the VFX team took it to social media to say goodbye and thank the crew and mentioned December as the air date for Season 1 (and we see the wolf logo again).

The now deleted post

There are still a couple of months until December and now we enter the phase of the production when there is no more filming and the marketing campaign hasn’t started yet. A drought, if you will. But fear not!

Over the past few months the Redanian Intelligence team has gathered some very interesting pictures and info that we haven’t got around to publishing yet. We will keep you fed. Coming up first will be a report from the forests of Brokilon.