New report and photos of January filming at Austrian castle Kreuzenstein

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The filming that took place on January 17 and 18 at the Austrian castle Kreuzenstein has been a puzzle for several months. First we knew that actor Shaun Dooley filmed there, then we got a confirmation that Shaun is playing King Foltest and now we have another piece of the puzzle thanks to the FatZebra blog and redditor u/KeryaStirling.

The bloggers from FatZebra went to the castle on January 17, the first filming day there, and this is what they wrote:

“It was the first day of shooting at Kreuzenstein Castle. The film shot for was „The Witcher“, a Netflix production, like the staff with the note „top secret!“ kindly told us. It was very exciting how for the winter scenes with a kind of snow cannon tons of paper dust was blown into the moat and on the old walls. Our cameras were dusty after a second.”

They have also managed to take several very interesting photos:

We have seen the crane before in other pictures, but the horse trucks are new. What else do we have?

We see golden armour and helmets. Considering that we have King Foltest on location, it is very likely this is Temerian armour and the castle is Wyzima. In addition to the new photos, we bring you the old ones as well:

In addition to that, we know that Shaun has been training for horseback riding a week prior to the Austria filming. So to summarize, we have King Foltest and presumably his soldiers on horseback, filming on the moat bridge. It all feels like Temeria is marching to war and they are all riding out of the castle. What episode could this be for? We learned that on location was Jean-Philippe Gossart, director of photography for episodes 3, 4, 7 and 8. Considering that Shaun Dooley has been filming at the Egri castle and Egri castle is for Episode 8, this could be one of the scenes that come before that, so we’d bet on episodes 7 or 8.

In other news, filming continues at the Egri castle and other locations, but that’s for another report. Stay tuned!

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