Redanian Archives: Behind the Scenes of The Witcher, Part V

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In this Redanian Archives, we’re doing a deep dive behind the scenes of The Witcher’s January filming block. Here, the crew returned from their Christmas break to film scenes with director Alex Garcia Lopez, who’s in charge of season one’s third and fourth episodes.

Week 9: Blue Screens and Prep

Following a two-week Christmas break, The Witcher‘s crew regrouped in the headquarters of Origo Studios. From what we can tell, there was no activity outside the studio, and it’s possible this week was mostly used to prep for the weeks that followed. The show’s star, Henry Cavill, was on hand, while actors Jason Thorpe and Gudmundur Thorvaldsson (who play Lord Ostrit and Remus respectively) appear to have arrived for a quick costume test.

The crew returns to Origo Studios after the Christmas break
A circular chamber that may be where Yennefer undergoes her transformation
Yennefer before the transformation, notice the door on her right
Another shot of Yennefer before the transformation
Blue screens and camera rigs at Origo Studios
An impressive crane for the camera
Blue screens all over the ceiling and also on the floor. What did they film here?
Sunset at Mafilm Studios

Week 10: Austria

In Week 10, Shaun Dooley joined the cast as King Foltest of Temeria. The actor flew to Budapest early that week before joining the crew on a detour to Austria’s Kreuzenstein Castle. King Foltest might on horseback in whatever was filmed there as in Budapest he apparently was doing some training with horses.

A drone photograph of Castle Kreuzenstein, taken during the filming of The Witcher
Another angle at the castle
Lighting outside the castle
Temerian armor on location
Kreuzenstein Castle, standing for the gate of Wyzim
Sunset in Austria
Filming a nightshoot near the gate

For more information on The Witcher’s time filming in Austria, take a look at our previous report covering that period. After Austria, the crew filmed more internal scenes at Origo and visited another location, the Tarnok Quarry. The quarry would be the site of extensive filming later, in February.

A picture taken in the Tarnok Quarry
Behind a set at Origo. Round windows on the left, and on the right what appears to be a snowy forest. Could this be the old castle of Wyzim?
The window in Wyzim is similar, but not a perfect match

Week 11: Snow and Cintra

With director Alex Garcia Lopez on hand, filming returned to the Cintran set at Origo Studios. An Instagram post by actor Ossian Perret (who plays Lord Tinglant, a suitor hoping to attain Princess Pavetta‘s hand in marriage) implies that filming of A Question of Price lasted two weeks and began in Week 11. This scene involves a huge feast and an ensemble cast that includes Crach An Craite (Blair Kincaid), Mousesack (Adam Levy), Queen Calanthe (Jodhi May), Duny (Bart Edwards) and many more.

The cast and crew return to the Cintran hall in Origo Studios
Dinner in Cintra

Filming for the episode three location, Wyzim, also seems to have resumed in Budapest, with actor Sam Marks (who portrays Captain Segelin) sharing the image below.

Next, the crew took to a snowy forest outside of Pest, Hungary. We don’t know what they filmed there, but it’s possible that Mousesack actor Adam Levy was involved as he, too, was filming in the snow. What we do know is that the scene in question is a bloody one.

The crew parking lot outside Origo Studios
Another crew parking lot, but this one appears to be in a different location … perhaps the same forest as in the images below
The forest near Pest
A crew member taking a nap in the snow
Fake blood on location at Pest. We hope it doesn’t belong to Mousesack!

Week 12: A Question of Price

Week 12 continued the filming of the feast from A Question of Price and involved many actors. During this time, we got our first proper look at the Witcher cast getting together for some laughs between filming.

For those unfamiliar with the cast, here’s who we see in the picture (top to bottom, left to right). On the top row we have Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson who plays Calanthe’s future husband Eist Tuirseach, to his right is Bart Edwards who plays Duny (Pavetta’s husband and Ciri’s father), Imogen Daines who plays the original character Danica, and Ossian Perret who plays Lord Tinglant. Beneath them is Ross Telfer (Draig Bon Dhu) and the elusive Joey Batey (Jaskier, aka Dandelion). Next are stars Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Freya Allan (Ciri) beside Blair Kincaid (Crach an Craite). In the front row is a yet-unidentified actor (also seen in the trailer in Cintra) and Declan Hannigan whose role is unknown. Skipping this photo op were Gaia Mondadori who plays Ciri’s mother Pavetta and Howard Chadwick who plays “Seething Lord“.

Before the show took the stage at San Diego Comic Con, Ossian was kind enough to share several pictures of the cast hanging out during this filming period. It sure looks like they had a good time.

Henry Cavill (Geralt) fighting alongside Bart Edwards (Duny). Adam Levy’s Mousesack watches them
Bart Edwards’ Duny, who is somehow prettier than the live action ‘Sonic the Hedgehog
Gaia Mondadori’s Pavetta using her powers to defend Duny

Other than the filming of Cintra, the crew prepared corpses at Origo Studios and returned to the Tarnok Quarry where they would film in February.

‘Hair punching
The snow begins to recede as January makes way for February
Outside the Tarnok Quarry
Preparations at the Tarnok Quarry
A face installed to the wall of the Tarnok Quarry

That concludes this dispatch from the Redanian Archives. Next up, we’ll join the cast and crew for filming at the Tarnok Quarry. Keep your eyes peeled!

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