Redanian Archives

Redanian Archives is a series of articles that chronicle the filming process of Netflix’s The Witcher week-by-week.

The first installment covers the week before filming started as well as weeks 1 and 2, offering a first look at the Origo headquarters in Budapest, the idyllic Skanzen Village Museum, and the Mafilm studios, where the iconic Blaviken fight was filmed.

In part II, we delve into the third and fourth week of filming, visiting Fort Monostor and the village of Paty for nightshoots of the city of Cintra and scenes from The Edge of the World. Want to see Cintran armour or elves on horseback? Click above!

For weeks 5 and 6, we have pictures from several important scenes, including interior shots for the magical academy of Aretuza, a large battle on the hills of Csákberény, and a peek at the glorious Cintran feast hall, featuring characters in costume.

During weeks 7 and 8, the Witcher crew returned to Fort Monostor, for the filming of the Fall of Cintra and Ciri’s escape from the burning city in the snowy forests surrounding the fortress. We also have a little interview with Eamon Farren and sorcerers present!

Part V takes off right after the Christmas break, investigating weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12. The production notably went to Austria’s Castle Kreuzenstein, standing for the palace of Wyzim and filmed key scenes from A Question of Price at Origo.

Jumping into weeks 13 and 14, we venture deep into the caverns of the Tarnok Quarry and marvel at the ancient halls of the Kiscelli Museum. Not afraid of spoilers? One of our spies brought us whispers of a scene involving mages convening at Aretuza!

Weeks 15 and 16 saw actors finally assembling for the filming of The Last Wish. Elsewhere, the crew was busy gathering a conspicuously high amount of dead horse props. Read ahead for that and more, including our take on the doppler mystery.

Join us as we explore the first week of filming on the Canary Islands, with tons of gorgeous sights to gape at. This post has all the goodies including a video of Stregobor in costume and pictures of Yennefer fighting a mage to the death on the peak of Roque Nublo.