Redanian Intelligence Exclusive: An Inside Look at Two Sets Used in The Witcher’s First Season

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The last time @GoTlikeLocations was able to visit the set in Hungary, he brought us an inside look at the show’s filming of a Nilfgaardian siege. His next report gives a closer (and bloodier) look at The Witcher’s sets than we’ve ever seen before. Those concerned about the show’s production values following the Nilfgaardian armor debacle can rest easy – The Witcher will at least have beautiful set design. Read on for some exclusive photos from the sets near Gyarmatpuszta Hunting Lodge in Hungary.

A Return to Gyarmatpuszta

Signs on location at Gyarmatpuszta Hunting Lodge

This location was the production’s home base for three weeks of shooting, and we can now confirm it involved many different sets and scenes. The first of them to leak was that of the Nilfgaardian camp, the scene of the controversial Nilfgaardian armor.

The entry to Gyarmatpuszta Hunting Lodge, notice the sign on the right which reads ‘WW’, the show’s production code

Revealed below are two new sets used in this very same lakeside forest. These exclusive pictures were taken by our location scout, @GoTlikeLocations. The sets were left abandoned by the crew shortly after filming on the location had wrapped, but our scout was able to visit before they tore the sets down completely. The first will be what we call the “logging camp”.

The Logging Camp

A sign leads our scout into the forest
There appears to be something in those woods…
A camp! But not the Nilfgaardian camp we’ve seen before…
Instead of the black Nilfgaardian tents, these are white, and appear to share no affiliation with any specific faction
Perhaps this camp belongs to common folk rather than soldiers
A cart stacked with logs, inspiring the name we gave this camp
Another cart, as well as a fire extinguisher (one of several on location). Fire hazard?
The place is a mess, but the crew was thankfully not able to pack everything up
More carts, carts everywhere
Is that blood?
This tent looks slightly burned down
Another angle at the logging camp set
Another burnt tent?
The set designers appear to be paying attention to the smallest details
And now, to the big tents
Bigger tents, with a lot of room. Could they be filming inside? Let’s take a look…
A bit of a mess…
But they definitely filmed here!
Bloody rags! Someone wasn’t doing well…
Beds and blood. Could this be a healer’s tent? Were there many wounded here, lying on the beds?
A mighty stylish chair
Inside another tent with what appears to be a half-burnt basket
Filming equipment hidden inside a tent. And finally…
Game of Thrones has had its Starbucks controversy, and now it appears The Witcher will have its own!

So that’s it for our logging camp. This set was larger and more detailed than we’d expected. The big tent in particular is very interesting. Many beds are laid out inside, and there is a large blood cannister and even a bloody rag left on the ground within. Could these beds belong to the wounded? Perhaps to the sorceresses of Sodden Hill, Triss and Yennefer, both of whom get wounded in that battle in the books? Or perhaps it is Geralt who we will find here, being treated by another sorceress (more important to him than he could imagine), a woman named Visenna? It is possible neither guess is accurate; only time will tell.

An image of what we now call ‘the logging camp’, posted by the crew during filming

Now, we proceed to Gyarmatpuszta’s second set. This one, GoTlikeLocations wasn’t able to spot on his first visit, and so very little of it remained (though still enough to let the mind run wild). We’ll call it “the farm”.

The Farm

The lake at Gyarmatpuszta. But what is that in the distance?
A house, already torn down…
But not entirely
Beside the house, there is a fence. It’s possible farm animals were kept within during filming.
After the wrap, the fence occupied the house’s rooftiles
In the back there is another structure, still largely intact
Is this a barn? Or a stable, perhaps?
And a few more details now…
A nicely stylized doorframe
And windows to accomodate it. Both belong to the house, now torn down.
More windows
Wood that once made up the house’s walls
A door
And another
A look inside
A skull found near the farm. Definitely not a Nilfgaardian!
The farm from another angle
Was this used in the filming as well?

So what was “the farm” used for? Well, your guess is as good as ours. That said, we’ll go ahead and guess anyway. Since both Henry Cavill and Freya Allan (Geralt and Ciri) were on location at one point or another, as well as Jack Wolfe who plays Nadbor… We believe this might be Nadbor’s home, and that of his father Yurga.

A cropped image taken by the crew in the very same location, during filming. Notice the massive green-screen near the farm. What could it be for?

Yurga (whose actor is yet to be revealed) is a central character in the short story Something More, which will be adapted in the season one finale. He helps a wounded Geralt recover and takes the witcher under his wing, only to lead him towards the person he had never expected to find. Could the farm be the location where Geralt and Ciri share the series’ most iconic hug?

Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich reflecting on The Witcher’s location filming, in a very familiar spot

Regardless of which scenes will occupy these locations, one thing is certain: if these abandoned sets are anything to go by, The Witcher’s production team is sparing no expense on set design. We can’t wait to see the sets come to life when the show airs this December. In the meantime, Redanian Intelligence will keep you covered with all the news, scoops and updates. Stay tuned…

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