Jim Caesar to play Atlan Kerk and other Witcher casting tidbits

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With Netflix’s The Witcher to air in less than a month’s time, the last puzzles are slowly falling into place. While some actors and the characters they play still remain a mystery, we have been able to dig up a few new additions to the show.

Jim Caesar will play the mage Atlan Kerk according to his CV. For those who don’t remember him, Kerk was one of the sorcerers who fought the Nilfgaardians at the Battle of Sodden Hill, which the show will adapt in its final episode.

Jim’s credits from his CV

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Showrunner Lauren Hissrich recently shared some behind-the-scenes images on the r/netflixwitcher reddit sub, featuring Jim and fellow cast members in costume.

Jim together with Lauren Hissrich and fellow mages at Egri vár
Jim and others listen to director Marc Jobst’s instructions at Ogrodzieniec castle

We have known of Jim’s involvement in Netflix’s The Witcher, ever since footage from the shot at Ogrodzieniec Castle leaked in April. In the video he can be seen walking along the battlements together with Vilgefortz, Yennefer, Triss, Tissaia and many others.

We also have a few more minor cast additions to report.

First is Anna Burnett in the role of Glacella. While there is no character of that name in the books, her agency cv lists directors Alik Sakharov and Alex Garcia Lopez, indicating that she might appear in multiple episodes. Based on social media activity, our best guess is that she plays a young novice sorceress.

Gerald Tyler plays “Tall Man” in an episode directed by Charlotte Brändström (Episode 5 or 6). It’s possible that he filmed scenes on the Canary Islands, as his role aligns with casting calls shared by RI founder Gravemaster in February.

Finally, Louis Boyer will appear as a Nilfgaardian sentry in an unknown episode.

This is it for today. We will get to see the full ensemble on screen when The Witcher releases on Netflix on December 20.

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