First Roach bids farewell to The Witcher


After the exciting six days of Witchmas and the long Christmas break, we are back with Witcher news for 2021 and a report on the most beloved character of The Witcher series and Geralt of Rivia’s eternal companion: Roach.

As we all know, in Season 1 of The Witcher Roach was played by a stallion named Zeusz, who is part of the Juhasz team from Hungary. When the filming shifted to London for the second season, Zeusz relocated to London with his handler Bernadette Werner where he stayed until December 2020. We can now confirm that Zeusz has returned to Hungary with his handler who has stated in her Instagram post that she has left London for good.

She ends her heartfelt goodbye post by saying “The ROACH COACH is headed HOME! Goodbye England”

While it looks like Zeusz is done filming Season 2, Roach is definitely not. We last saw our Geralt on a new Roach filming at Frensham Little Pond. Since Geralt names all his horses Roach, we speculated in our previous articles that our original Roach probably met his brave end, forcing Geralt to get a new Roach.

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes pictures of Zeusz while filming Season 2:

Whatever the reason for the change from one Roach to another, Zeusz will always have a special place in our hearts.

3 comments on “First Roach bids farewell to The Witcher”

  1. Bye, bye to Zeusz aka Roach #1, he was great and will be missed! Kind expected it though and I can’t wait to see Roach #2. Also, happy new year to everyone behind RI. I missed your updates, hopefully we’ll have more news as the cast and crew will get back to filming and as s2 air date approaches. Thanks!

  2. It will be an emotional moment when Zeusz/Roach leaves us on screen for sure but was he suppose to be the same Roach throughout the first season? I assumed Geralt took a new horse off screen at some point because the first season covered decades.

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