Henry Cavill slightly injured but filming of The Witcher Season 2 continues


Earlier today, The Sun broke the news that Geralt star Henry Cavill suffered a minor leg injury while filming for the second season of The Witcher, leaving fans worried for his health. It was also believed that production had been temporarily suspended due to the injury. While it is true, that Henry was injured during the scene, Deadline reports that filming will continue in the coming days, keeping the series on track.

Accordingly, Henry will be “sidelined for a short period of time” until he recovers, and resume his work afterwards. That leaves us very hopeful, that the injury is but a minor one and we’ll have our Geralt back slaying monsters in very short time.

There we have it. Without question, the health of cast and crew is the most important thing here, but we’re glad that The Witcher will be able to continue the work at the end of this unusual year. We’re hoping Henry will make a speedy recovery and be reunited with the team soon!

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  1. That is unfortunate but thankfully it’s not something more serious and he’ll be back soon slaying monsters.

  2. Thanks for the updates Redanian intel. He’s the Witcher, he’ll recover in no time. I wish him the best.

  3. Love him so much❤️❤️❤️ Hopefully he’ll return soon because we need Geralt to keep the continent safe but his health comes first. I hope he takes his time to rest and heal properly. 🥰

  4. My baby 😢 I hope he takes care of himself and he feels loved right now. Hope it won’t take long to fully recover and that won’t affect Geralt’s presence in s2.

  5. Thanks for the updates RI. Keep us posted if you find out when he returns. Hopefully it won’t affect Geralt’s screen time and story this season. Wishes for a speedy and easy recovery to Henry. I hope he knows that we appreciate all his hard work on the show. He’s the best.

  6. I hope and pray that Henry heals well and fully, having a real injury could be a silver lining as I’m terribly sorry he is in pain, but he can draw from it as Geralt goes on and has medical ailments leading to disabilities himself. God Bkess you Henry, heal quickly and well, stay safe, the world loves you ❤from 🇨🇦

  7. Weve waited this long for a return of the Witcher whats a few more weeks wait if its what Cavill needs to fully recover. This reminds me..watch the first season again to remember what the show is about.

  8. My wishes to Henry for a fast recovery.

    If they haven’t stopped the production and can work it around him then it shouldn’t be very serious and they expect him to return soon. Maybe they are changing the filming order & hold his scenes for later. I hope that’s the case. I can’t imagine The Witcher with less Geralt and nobody wants another delay but his health comes first. And as much as I can’t wait to see s2, I hope they’ll take the time it needs to be done right and won’t rush it or change the story in order to save time.

    Thanks RI and keep us update.

  9. A fast and easy recovery to our Witcher boy!!! Hope he’ll be on his feet and on the set in no time and rest in the meantime. I agree with some comments above. His fully recovery and the health of any cast and crew member is the most important. So, if he needs more time, give it to him and don’t alter the plot or rush the filming. I prefer a good season a few months later than a rushed one earlier.

  10. Get well soon Henry. All my thoughts and prayers are with you for a quick recovery. We love you and we appreciate the dedication and passion you have for the series and this world. The Witcher would never be the same without you. Love from Greece!

  11. Get well soon King and enjoy your time off. You deserve it. And when you fully recover come back to give us the best Geralt ever. Thank you!

  12. I love his Geralt and i will defend him to death. His passion for the role and the universe is unmatched and one of the reasons the show works so beautifully. I hope he’ll recover soon and he’ll return even more badass and stronger than ever!

  13. I hope his injury won’t prevent him to ride the unicorn with Yen.
    All jokes aside, I wish Henry a quick recovery and good health. I hope he knows that the fans love him and sends him good vibes.

  14. Maybe he got injured during the fight he was shooting with Stegemann. I hope he’ll fully recover as fast as possible. If the production isn’t halted then he must be fine. They wouldn’t be able to go on for long without him. With the Xmas hiatus coming up soon, maybe they are shooting other scenes for now and when the show is coming back he’ll be back as well to continue. Wish him well. ⚔️🐺

  15. Fast recovery baby😘 and when you feel better don’t forget to kick some Nilfgaardian (and stupid mages) asses. We need our 🐺 ⚔️

    1. Thanks. It`s sometimes not easy for a foreigner to assess the meaning of certain English idioms. From the context you put it in I see I used it incorrectly. I`ll be very grateful if you point my attention to any future mistakes I might do. You are awesome!!! Thank you 🙂

      1. I’m a foreigner too and I think I’m the one who used it incorrectly. Sorry & thank you!

  16. If Freya confirmed that she’s wrapped for Xman then Cavill won’t be “sideline” for long. They’ll probably shoot some additional scenes this week and then they’ll go on hiatus, Lets hope when they return he’ll be fully recoved.

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