Production resumes on The Witcher Season 2 with Henry Cavill back on set


The second season of Netflix’s The Witcher certainly has been on a bumpy road. First we had a global six-month lockdown, then a second lockdown, then Henry Cavill injured his leg on set which coincided with their holiday break and luckily for Henry, the release of CDPR’s Cyberpunk 2077. Now production is ramping up again for a final stretch.

We’re hearing Henry Cavill is back on set along with at least one of his fellow witcher brothers, Paul Bullion and Paul himself confirmed his return of Twitter. This would indicate that Henry has recovered and that they are continuing filming the Kaer Morhen storyline.

We are also hearing that filming will likely continue into March 2021 as opposed to February 2021 due to some minor setbacks. That would likely shift the release date a little bit more making the season more likely to be released in Fall 2021 as opposed to having a chance for an August release date.

In any case, we’re glad to hear that the production of the second season is back on track and hopefully will continue without further setbacks.

6 comments on “Production resumes on The Witcher Season 2 with Henry Cavill back on set”

  1. Was a big mistake dont flming in summer. The Witcher needs some colourful episodes not all in winter, night or not so bright studio.

    1. Yes, because who gives a flip about the comfort of the actors whose characters would be costumed in armor during the heat of summer.

  2. Finally!!! Let’s hope there are no more delays and s2 will be out this fall. I can’t wait to see Geralt, Yen, Ciri and co on my screen again, I’ve read the books and watched s1 countless times.

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