The Witcher Season 2 filming inside a quarry in the Lake District with Geralt and Lambert


Fiming of Netflix’s The Witcher season two took to Northern England’s Lake District earlier this week, with series star Henry Cavill seen on location as Geralt several times (including once with his trusted partner Roach). On Friday, October 16, the crew converged at Hodge Close Quarry near the hamlet of Little Langdale, where they filmed an interesting sequence.

The crew’s setup at Hodge Close Quarry, picture provided by an onlooker

The quarry houses a number of caverns, including the beautiful Cathedral Cave. Onlookers have told us that the crew has set up various ziplines throughout the area, allowing them to easily carry equipment up and down the quarry, where the crew had filmed during the day. Onlookers also informed us that both Henry Cavill (Geralt) and his witcher partner-in-crime Paul Bullion (Lambert) were on location. While it looks like none of the other witchers were involved in this particular sequence, tourists have brought us news of a special “cast member” at the site.

If you want to avoid possible spoilers, skip this paragraph and enjoy the pictures of Hodge Close Quarry below. The additional “cast member” seen at Hodge Close Quarry was in fact not a cast member at all, but a wild animal: a wolf. From what one onlooker understands after watching and listening to the crew, the wolf was eating a corpse or carcass in the quarry during a scene also involving Geralt and Lambert. This didn’t happen in the books, but it sounds like an exciting new scene. Take a look at the quarry in the images below.

The pool at Hodge Close Quarry, via Tony North
The pillar in Cathedral Cave, via Visit Cumbria
An opening in Cathedral Cave, via Visit Cumbria

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Filming took to Hodge Close Quarry following a shoot at two other Lake District locations: the Rydal Caves and the lake of Blea Tarn. It’s possible that the scene filmed at the Rydal Caves belongs to the same sequence and both caves will be combined to represent one location in post production. However, as far as we know Lambert actor Paul Bullion was not seen at the Rydal Caves (only Cavill).

On Saturday morning, the crew returned to the beautiful lake of Blea Tarn. Two onlookers have seen the crew decorating the location with smoke machines and fake snow, something they have done recently in the forests near Deepcut. The scene at Blea Tarn must belong to the third or fourth episode of season two, as director Sarah O’Gorman (The Last Kingdom, Cursed) has shared an image from this location on Instagram. Executive Producer Tomek Baginski was also on location throughout the week, and shared two pictures on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Tomek Baginski on location at the Lake District, probably near Blea Tarn

Though filming has likely wrapped for this week, the cast and crew of The Witcher are expected to continue location shoots across Northern England for the next two weeks. Stay tuned for more news on The Witcher season two in the coming days.

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  1. From the spoilers so far and the official synopsis it looks like they will focus a lot on Geralt’s emotional journey and past in the first episodes. From his pain of loosing Yen to being a father figure to Ciri and returning to his childhood home and his mentor and friends, Henry Cavill will kill it. If the flashbacks with young Geralt and his meeting with his mother last season is any indication, we are in for a great ride. I can’t wait to learn more about our favorite Witcher 🖤.

    1. I hope you are right. I desperately want to see Geralt’s path to become a Witcher and him coping with Ciri and the loss (as he thinks) of Yennefer. That will make for a fantastic drama. Their interactions were my favorite last season and I can only imagine their reunion after Geralt thinks she died on Sodden.

    2. I need more Geralt on my TV And I know I’ll love his journey this season even more if the spoilers are any true or if they follow Blood of Elves.

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