Geralt and Roach have filmed for The Witcher Season 2 by the lake of Blea Tarn


Netflix continues production on one of its most popular series, The Witcher, and series star Henry Cavill was spotted on location with his trusted equine friend Zeus. Together, the two form the dynamic duo that is Geralt and Roach.

That’s right, Roach news!

Filming has recently taken to Northern England’s Lake District, following months of secretive filming within Arborfield Studios. Now that the cast and crew are once again on location, tourists and locals are finding Cavill in various spots near the town of Ambleside. On Wednesday, Cavill was seen filming in Rydal Cave, and now he was spotted with Zeus (Roach) near the lake of Blea Tarn.

Take a look at this beautiful location in the images below, courtesy of Phil McDarby.

One can easily imagine Roach riding along the edge of the lake, a brooding Geralt sitting silently in her saddle. Though no other cast members were spotted, that’s not to say Henry was filming alone. We don’t really know what type of scene was filmed here, but we can say with certainty that the Lake District will deliver some of the Continent’s most striking scenery.

If you haven’t seen the article covering filming at Rydal Cave, make sure to take a look for the details and some pictures of the crew on location.

Season two of The Witcher is expected to release next summer, but that could change depending on the state of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United Kingdom. An animated film focusing on Geralt’s mentor Vesemir is expected to release some time beforehand.

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  1. Paul Bullion (Lamberts actor) is running in the same area this morning (Oct 16) so its possible they’re filming kaer morhen/witcher stuff! You can see from their Instagram stories.

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