Henry Cavill is filming The Witcher Season 2 in England’s beautiful Lake District


Henry Cavill has been busy filming the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher for quite some time. Though most of the show’s filming had taken place inside the sets of Arborfield Studios, the cast and crew of the fantasy series have recently taken to various locations near London (including a wintery forest and a haunted cemetery). Now, we can confirm that Henry Cavill was spotted in the town of Ambleside in England’s beautiful Lake District. Cavill will likely be joined by co-stars Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan, who portray Yennefer and Ciri respectively.

Update 15/10/20: New director Louise Hooper filming a scene with Henry Cavill at Rydal Cave

Yesterday, we were able to confirm that The Witcher season two has recruited a new director. Louise Hooper (Holby City, Fresh and Blood) was on location at Rydal Cave yesterday alongside series star Henry Cavill. It appears that Hooper will replace director Geeta Patel, who may have dropped out of The Witcher (possibly due to COVID-related scheduling complications). Patel was slated to direct the sixth and seventh episodes of the first season, so the scene filmed at Rydal Cave may belong to these episodes. There’s no word yet on Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra, or any other cast members, but filming at the Lake District is expected to last approximately three weeks. We’ve gathered images of the crew on location in the gallery above. The images are taken from Hooper’s Instagram page as well as Ambleside locals and tourists Frank Wright, Cathy McIntyre, and John Osborne.

Filming may have moved to the hill of Loughrigg Fell this morning, as the area has apparently been closed for tourists while the cave is open for now. As always, if you happen to be nearby and would like to investigate for us (and grab some pictures), we’d love to hear from you on our Twitter account’s DMs or on our Contact page. In the meantime, we’re interested to hear your speculation regarding the scene. What is Geralt of Rivia doing in this beautiful lakeside cavern?

Original Article: The Witcher now filming in the Lake District

The lake of Rydal Water as seen from the hill of Lhourigg Fell, image via Wikipedia

According to one source, The Witcher‘s filming in Northern England’s Lake District is set to last approximately three weeks. On Tuesday, October 13, the crew was spotted near the beautiful lake of Rydal Water. Specifically, they have prepared the nearby Rydal Cave ahead of filming on Wednesday.

Rydal Cave, image via Family Walks and Pubs in the Lake District
The stepping stones outside Rydal Cave, via Outdooractive

Filming is now taking place under The Last Kingdom and Cursed director Sarah O’Gorman, who helms the third and fourth episodes of season two (EDIT: Actually, newly added director Louise Hooper is currently at the helm, though O’Gorman is likely to join the crew at the Lake District soon). Joining the main cast mentioned above, another cast member who guest-starred in the first season is likely to be filming in the Lake District in the near future (though not necessarily at Rydal Cave). Jeremy Crawford who plays the dwarven warrior Yarpen Zigrin has recently shared his excitement on Instagram and Twitter regarding his return to filming. Crawford is currently reading the novel Blood of Elves, on which season two is based.

If Crawford does indeed turn up at the Lake District for filming, it will most likely be for a sequence from Blood of Elves, that sees the dwarven warrior travelling alongside Geralt and Ciri for a while. Another key character involved in this sequence is the sorceress Triss Merrigold, portrayed in the show by Anna Schaffer. As filming has just begun in the Lake District, we haven’t heard anything about Crawford and Schaffer yet.

With filming now taking place in one of England’s most beautiful natural reserves, we’re even more excited for the second season. Follow us on our Twitter page for all the latest updates on The Witcher season two.

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  1. Great location. If it is for what scene we assume it is, it will be awesome!!! Are they still in episode 3 or they moved to 4? The story is moving fast but we may get additional material between Geralt and Yen ❤️. With the way they left things between them last season, they have to meet before Yen teaches Ciri. Geralt thinking she’s dead and then write to her to ask for her help with Ciri doesn’t make sense in the series. Either by destiny or because they search for each other they have to meet.

  2. Great! Although check your facts before publishing. The lake in the photo is Grasmere (not Rydal Water).

  3. Thanks for changing the photo, but you still spelt Loughrigg wrong. For the sake of accuracy I’d reccomend proof reading everything before posting.

    1. “For the sake of accuracy I’d reccomend proof reading everything before posting”. Deliberate – must be!

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