Pictures from The Witcher Season 2 set suggest that Ciri may enter a monster’s lair


On Monday October 12, filming of The Witcher‘s second season has resumed in the woods near Deepcut. The scenes filmed at Deepcut involved none other than Freya Allan (Ciri), who shared a picture from this location during nightshoots on Friday. We have also reported earlier that we have reason to believe Henry Cavill (Geralt) was present as well, though we have not confirmed this matter.

UPDATE 13/10/20: Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), Henry Cavill (Geralt), and Freya Allan (Ciri) spotted filming on location filming different scenes

Yennefer’s first promotional photo, released earlier this month

Redanian Intelligence and Witcherflix reader @davido10101 provided us with another update on The Witcher‘s filming in the forest location near Deepcut. Our reader has seen all three main cast members on location yesterday. Firstly, he was able to catch Anya Chalotra who plays Yennefer on her way back from the set yesterday morning. Our reader does not believe any other main characters were present for this particular scene, which is likely unrelated to the one featuring Cavill and Allan.

The witcher and the witcheress-in-training were spotted on location later that day (also by @davido10101), most likely continuing filming for the sequence shot last week (see our speculation below). This wouldn’t be the first time the crew uses one location for various scenes and storylines, as the same thing happened in The Witcher‘s first season.

Our understanding is that the scene involving Yennefer was filmed in a different section of the forest, an area that hasn’t been covered by fake snow. Another local believes they have seen an actress or extra dressed as an elven woman there as well. Most likely, this is a continuation of the Yennefer storyline revealed in our set report from February.

Last week, a source mentioned that filming at Deepcut will last until October 13, so it’s possible filming will return to Deepcut today. However, locals say that most of the crew’s equipment has been packed and taken away.

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The renewed filming follows a rather quiet weekend at the town of Deepcut and in the nearby Tomlinscote Woods, where the crew has been filming since last Tuesday. Fortunately, locals and tourists were able to sneak into the location and grab some photos during the weekend, providing us a closer look at the wintery set.

The first few images were delivered to our Instagram partner Witcherflix (who you should follow if you haven’t already) via @davido10101. One slight correction to the below post: “Mysterious Monsters” is The Witcher season two’s production title and is frequently used, it does not refer to a specific monster.

The forest location near Deepcut, via @davido10101
A picture of fake rocks on set, via @davido10101
Another image courtesy of @davido10101. Here we can see the mysterious vines that were twisted around the trees on location, possibly indicating the presence of a woodland monster

These next few photos were captured by Deepcut local Julia Ghagan. The photos offer a closer look at the props on location, including some mysterious vines. Thanks for the pictures, Julia!

One of a number of fake rocks placed on location
A tree overgrown with a strange vine. Could this be a leshen’s work?
The tree has been tipped over. Is this simply a prop that was displaced during the weekend, or has a monster used the vines to tear the tree from its roots?
Fake snow at Tomlinscote Woods, near Deepcut
Another prop rock

Finally, a local dog walking business (Canine Walkies) has also dropped by the set over the weekend and shared these pictures on Facebook.

A tree covered in fake snow
Fake snow at Tomlinscote Woods near Deepcut

It looks like the crew behind The Witcher season two is putting a lot of effort to set up a wintery atmosphere. Even more interesting are the vines, which appear to be evidence of some strange, supernatural presence.

Earlier this year, we were able to confirm with a source close to the production that season two will feature a familiar monster from the game: a leshy (also known as a leshen). One would not be surprised to find strange vines in a leshy’s natural habitat, as the creature is able to bend nature to its will.

Seeing as the crew is now filming under director Sarah O’Gorman (The Last Kingdom, Cursed), we know that these scenes belong either to the third or fourth episode of season two. In a previous report, we learned that the third episode could feature a Myriapod, so this may also be the lair of a Giant Centipede.

With Freya Allan on location, our previous guess regarding the scene seems quite likely. As reported last week, we believe that the sequence filmed at Deepcut involves Geralt and Ciri setting off on a monster hunt as part of her witcher training. Whether this monster would be a leshy, a myriapod, or something else entirely remains to be seen, but we would be excited to see it regardless.

The Witcher season two is expected to release in Summer 2021, though an official date has not been confirmed yet. Of course, the show may face another round of delays if production will be halted in the United Kingdom, depending on the mercy of COVID 19. Stay tuned with Redanian Intelligence for all the latest news from the Continent.

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  1. Well I hope everyone is ready for a rushed hot mess of a show with enough plot holes that you won’t even feel like you’re falling

    1. I was @witcherflix’s source of info and I can assure you that they weren’t rushing the filming here, they actual took a few days longer than originally planned. The summer release seems quite likely cause they were also filming a short Yennefer scene here today, so hopefully they’ll stay organised like this and release it nice and quick.

  2. Excited for the Geralt – Ciri monsters hunting/training. We need some good quality father-daughter time. The monsters also sounds great and the scenes in Kaer Morhen feels epic. I can’t wait! Although, I’d rather wait and have a great result.

  3. The set looks faboulus, very Witchery and the spoilers – if true – are intriguing. Everything I’ve heard so far points to a more coherent s2 with a lot of Geralt and more monsters – at least in the first 3 episodes. Good! The only thing that worries me about s2 are some spoilers about eels and the presence of a certain mage. Other than that it sounds solid. Thanks again Redanian Intelligence.

  4. it actually looks legit, I prefer scenes outdoors to those indoors tbh. I do not remember, but was Leshy originally in the books? or was it introduced in games? anyone?

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