UPDATED: The Witcher Season 2 setting the stage for a waterfall-crossing on shaky ground


Filming for the second season of The Witcher really took off last week, with location shoots all over the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, Northwestern England. Geralt-star Henry Cavill was spotted several times in the area, both at the lake of Blea Tarn alongside his trusted companion Roach, and later at Hodge Close Quarry filming with his witcher companion Lambert (Paul Bullion).

Over the weekend, the production has moved on and is now preparing for another shoot further to the east. Read on for more details and our take on what the scene could be about.

UPDATE 19/10/2020: Filming at High Force Waterfall

It now appears that the Witcher crew has also been busy preparing for filming at the High Force Waterfall, about 30 minutes of walking distance upstream from the Low Force Waterfall. Take a look at some new images showing the team at work below:

With that much activity in the area, filming will likely last for a few days. In fact, we found this tweet saying that the High Force Waterfall is closed until Thursday October 22nd for “maintenance work”.

As superstar Henry Cavill is currently still staying at the Lake District, it’s possible that the scene at the waterfalls involves one of the other show leads. However, so far we have seen no sign indicating that either Anya Chalotra or Freya Allan are in the area.

Original Article

While it looks like there’s no filming going on today, the crew hasn’t been idle at all, and is in fact already preparing for the next scene, which will likely be shot tomorrow. A number of people have been gathering near Low Force Waterfall, in the North Pennines region, north-east of the Lake District and thanks to NorthernWild.co.uk we know it’s for The Witcher.

Spanning the waterfall, they set up a destroyed bridge, fastened on ziplines from one bank to the other. Take a look at the images below also courtesy of NorthernWild.co.uk.

Interestingly, an onlooker speculated that the bridge may actually be destroyed during the scene. From the looks of it, it’s already at the verge of breaking down, though this could be adjusted using CGI in post-production.

We’ll have to wait and see if any cast members turn up at the site in the coming days. Given the sorry state of the bridge, we wouldn’t be surprised if the waterfall area was chosen to represent one of the Continent’s more desolate locations. It would certainly be a great fit for the wilderness of Northern Kaedwen and the road leading up to Kaer Morhen.

Witcher fans can look forward to yet another eventful week full of beautiful scenery and hopefully lots of productions updates from the set. As always, you can catch up to the latest news here and on our twitter.

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