Pre-production begins on The Witcher Season 2

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Netflix’s The Witcher has been on a forced hiatus since March due to the global pandemic and only recently things have started to move as a lot of the initial restrictions were lifted. Discussions and plans started as early as June according to Arborfield Studios managing director and filming is planned to resume on August 17.

Meanwhile, Redanian Intelligence can confirm that The Witcher crew started coming back to work at Arborfield Studios. We can’t say how many of the several hundred crew members are present at this time, but as you can imagine, things need to be prepped before filming begins. With one month to go, they seem to have plenty of time for that.

Construction of old and new sets has also resumed a little while ago. If you remember, the biggest endeavor this season is the massive town set they were building since November 2019. As we wrote at the time, the set this season may represent the towns of Oxenfurt or Gors Velen. In future seasons, other towns as well.

The work-in-progress town set captured in January 2020

As work begins, we will be on our watch. Just like executive producer Tomek Baginski predicted in a recent post: “I work, play and sleep. Aside from playing, pretty much everything I do is a lesser or a greater secret. Watching out for bits of information are gossip sites and watching out is Redanian intelligence. That’s the nature of this game.”

Exactly, Tomek! As Sherlock Holmes would say, the game is on!

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