Netflix builds a Witcher town in Arborfield Studios, UK (Exclusive)


Ever since we heard the news that Netflix’s The Witcher is moving production to the UK, the question was: which studio would they use as the production hub from now on? Previously, we thought it could be Netflix’s studio in Shepperton, but we have now learned that it will in fact be Arborfield Studios.

Located 65 kilometres west of London, the studio is relatively new without many credits under its belt (aside from Disney’s Aladdin live-action remake). The studio has several sound stages and two backlots, and will be a much more comfortable place to shoot for an almost entirely UK-based cast (as opposed to Budapest, where season one was filmed).

As we previously reported, the filming for Season 2 will last 5 months as confirmed by a production database list. According to our sources, early August was the approximate wrap date, but late July is also not out of the question.

Moreover, we’ve heard that Netflix intends to use Arborfield as its Witcher base for many years. In preparation for season two, the crew are building a massive town set in one of the backlots as we speak. While we don’t have a confirmation for this, our best guess is that the town is set to represent Oxenfurt and perhaps other towns as well, with little adjustments and redecorations. Similarly, the town set in the Hungarian Mafilm Studios was used for both Blaviken and Rinde for season one. Perhaps they will shoot Gors Velen here as well.

Excited? Take a look at these pictures that we took back in December, when construction had just started. This is the set that will eventually become Oxenfurt.

The Witcher Season 2 arrives in 2021. Take a look at these gorgeous locations in Scotland that the scouting team was visiting with the new director Stephen Surjik.

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  1. I know this area very well, used to live just up the road from here and visit only occasionally as most friends and family moved away. Very fond memories living in Surrey and we used to frequent what was then called The Vermont Exchange a cocktail and restaurant not far from these studios. Sadly it is long gone but great times there. The village is nice, quiet and friendly, nice places to drink and eat. Totally hooked on The Witcher, so my kind of series monsters and magic.

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