Game of Thrones Lyanna Mormont star Bella Ramsey cast in His Dark Materials Season 2


The first season of His Dark Materials, based on the popular fantasy novels by Philip Pullman premiered last year on HBO and BBC, starring Dafne Keen (Lyra Belacqua), Ruth Wilson (Marisa Coulter) and James McAvoy (Lord Asriel). A second season has been in the works for some time, with the majority of filming done before the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to Radio Times a few key scenes featuring important characters remain to be filmed.

In November 2019, we reported three new actors joining the cast of His Dark Materials for season two and today we can reveal three more, including a face familiar to many fantasy fans…

Bella Ramsey (photo credits: Image 1st Photography)

Most importantly, we learned that Bella Ramsey, known for her performance as Lyanna Mormont in HBO’s Game of Thrones will be among the new faces of the second season. In His Dark Materials, Ramsey takes on the role of Angelica, a young girl from the world of Cittàgazze, a parallel universe, featuring prominently in the second novel of the series The Subtle Knife.

Cittàgazze seen through the aurora borealis in His Dark Materials Season One

Also appearing in the second season are Oliver Monaghan and I-Kay Agu, playing a pair of angels. Monaghan plays Baruch, who became an angel upon his death as a human long before the current timeline. Agu plays his partner Balthamos. Both first appear in The Subtle Knife, crossing Will Parry’s path (played by Amir Wilson in the show).

Oliver Monaghan (photo credits: Phil Sharp) & I-Kay Agu (photo credits: Brandon Bishop)

The second season of His Dark Materials doesn’t have an official release date yet, but executive producer Jane Tranter confirmed it will air in 2020 despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. I’m so excited! I’m a bit surprised at the Balthamos and Baruch casting though. I’d expect Monaghan as Balthamos and Agu as Baruch…

  2. Hi, I’m really curious about who your source for this was! Angelica’s actress has popped up in the show, but the showrunner recently claimed they haven’t cast Balthamos or Baruch’s roles yet. If you could help clear up the confusion, that would be super appreciated. Thank you! 😀

  3. Those angels dont show up in corporeal form. Nor are they angels named. But those two actors have been cast apparently as Baruch and Balthamos.

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