Season 2 of The Witcher to officially restart filming on August 17


It has been several months since production of The Witcher‘s Season 2 was halted because of the Coronavirus. Earlier we reported that filming was due to restart in August and now we have an official date.

The Witcher‘s official Twitter account announced that filming is currently set to restart on August 17.

That being said, filming dates are rarely set in stone when they are a bit further away. Just about a week ago the projected date was August 3. Similarly the start date for Season 2 was February 12 while they originally planned to start on February 17.

In the case of August 17, flexibility isn’t out of the question either. Based on circumstances, they may start earlier or even later.

With production coming back to life, we’re excited to get back to it and discover the undiscovered.

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  1. Good news, I missed them so much. let’s hope everything will go well and everyone will stay safe. I hope this time off was put on a good use from the producers and listened to some of the criticism. Missing Brokilon forest and changing the last wish were by far the worst changes from the books. Let’s pray they’ll fix them. Lauren said that during the lock down she revisited the scripts from s2 and especially the emotional states of the characters. Hopefully we’ll get the family we love and we deserve.

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