UPDATED: The Witcher Season 2 to resume production with filming following later on


It has been several months that the cast and crew of Netflix’s The Witcher hadn’t seen each other since the plague. The production of Season 2 of the Henry Cavill action drama has been halted since March due to COVID-19 concerns. Now, however, things are about to change.

Arborfield Studios, The Witcher‘s main production hub in the UK, is about to start coming back to life in the next weeks. Yet, this does not mean that there will be any filming for the time being. We don’t know many details, but there has to be some sort of a “second” pre-production period before filming properly resumes.

UPDATE: Arborfield Studios managing director Bob Terry has confirmed via Deadline that work is underway to reopen the studio and that he is now holding meetings over the next two weeks to finalize safety procedures. The studio should be ready for filming in the coming weeks, Deadline confirms.

UK’s The Guardian also reports that many of the British productions like The Batman, Fantastic Beasts 3, Jurassic World 3 and The Witcher are allowed to resume as soon as they are ready provided they follow the new protective guidelines against the spread of the Coronavirus.

In short, we can expect The Witcher to resume filming perhaps July. Ironically, late July/early August were the planned dates to wrap up the filming had everything gone according to plan.

Patiently sitting and waiting to get back to work

As a quick reminder, Season 2 was in production for one month before the lockdown with four and a half more months to go. Provided they start in the next few months, they could wrap the filming before the end of the year with a 2021 release date.

As for the release date itself, we reported earlier that during the pandemic Platige Image set a new July 2021 deadline to complete their work on the special effects of the second season. Like we said earlier, that could mean that Netflix were planning to release The Witcher‘s Season 2 in July or August 2021.

And finally as a bonus, here is a new photo of Zeus, also known as Roach. Stay safe.

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  1. Thank God for that! We’ve watched season 1 8 times already. Can’t wait for season 2. May sound crazy, but we’ve found things we missed every time we Re watched it. So I would recommend to make sure to watch it a few times. Just one time thru we missed a ton of stuff… Happy watching, we love it!

  2. Happy to hear they are starting to reopen again Witcher 2 Here we come 🏹🗡⚔🖤

  3. The Witcher was/is awesome.
    Keep it going.
    Also ..
    Why do people put so much stock in what everyone else thinks..
    Who cares what people think, there will always be haters..
    This Cancel Culture Mob is ruining everything because a few emotionally retarded , pretentious, sanctimonious brats believe the world revolves around them.

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